Council District 2 - Handley


George Handley has served on 9 nonprofits over the past 19 years. He served for seven years as a member of Provo's Sustainability and Natural Resources Committee and has also been a leader in preserving Rock Canyon. He was awarded the Nature Conservancy Partner of the Year award in 2013.

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Council Member Handley represents all or part of the following neighborhoods. 

Related Image Foothills Neighborhood The Foothills Neighborhood is unique in that it contains Provo's premier public park, a water park, foothills walking and hiking trails, prime residential and rental property and a highly recognized elementary school. The proximity to Brigham Young University and good public transportation make it a vibrant community with a stable, neighborhood minded core.

Stephen K. Taylor, Chair
770 N 1100 E  84606
Phone: 801-376-6458

JaVan Sims, Vice-Chair

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