Provo City's new website

In late 2013, Provo City launched a new website. We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause you. However, we are excited about our new site, and the many new features it allows us to present to you that where simply not possible on the old site. We hope you enjoy the new interface, navigation, and simplicity of this site.


If you are used to using bookmarks from our old site, they will no longer work here. Please feel free to reset those and enjoy yourself as you navigate through our new site. Thank you for your patience, and thank you for visiting


Some of our new features include


navigation 2Easy Navigation If you were familiar with the old, you know that finding the content you want is not always easy. There were thousands of pages to navigate through. The hard working employees at Provo City spent a year working departmentally on consolidating content, and removing outdated information. 

We now have two navigation areas. First is the primary navigation found at the top of the page. These drop downs allow you to get almost anywhere you want on our site. We also have a secondary navigation, it is found as a pop out on the left side of the page. Click on they grey box with the arrow and you will have access to a more localized navigation.

calendar-imageCalendar Our new website is happy to have loved to have had on the old site. We now have a robust calendar system. Each department has a calendar that shows only their information, as well as a city wide calendar that can be filtered to fit your specific needs found under the "About Us" drop down menu. We are currently testing some new features for these calendars and hope to have a full rollout of our E-Notification system this year. 


navigationEasy is happy to have the added organization and ease of use provided by the "City Services", "Community", "About us", and the "I Want to" buttons. Before if you wanted to find lets say, the Covey Center. You had to know that it was a part of the parks and recreation before you could find it. By placing the Covey Center under Community we have made it more accessible if you don't understand the exact organizational structure we use here at Provo City. We hope this will help you navigate, and find the information you need quickly.