Provo Police

Welcome!  At the Provo Police Department our 105 sworn police officers and 25 civilian staff members operate under the guiding principles of our organization’s values which spell out the acronym PRIDE. 

P  - Pride:  In the work we do on every contact with the public.

R - Respect: Both internally to one another and to the people we serve.

I - Integrity: In every aspect of our professional activities.

D - Dedication: To working hard for our City.

E - Excellence: Striving to be the best we can be. 

Since my arrival here in Provo in December 2013 I have been fortunate to work as a member of a great Provo City Team lead by Mayor John Curtis.  Your local government team is full of problem-solvers. 

If I can help you make your community safer or be of service to you please call me at (801) 852-6200.


John King

Chief of Police



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