Events in Provo City

  • World Culture Tour world-map Each month we'll focus on a different country of the world. You can sample ethnic foods, learn about international culture, and enter to win prizes while you enjoy an acclaimed film from the theme country. More>>

  • Mardi Gras Masquerade masquerade-mask Dress your best and don a mask for this mystic celebration of food and frivolity. More>>

  • The Adaptive Experience boy-in-wheelchair-with-brother Come find out about the many recreational opportunities available to those with disabilities. More>>

  • Kid's Science Palooza kids-with-science-equipment Throw on your lab coat and googles and find out why learning is so much fun! More>>

  • Spring Festival kids-running-in-field-closeup Music, food, art, adventure, wildlife, and the great outdoors. More>>

  • Bike Prom couple-on-bikes-2 Dress up for a bike ride through Provo followed by a dance at the Recreation Center. More>>



There are a wide variety of events held in Provo throughout the year. Provo is a very active community that holds tons of events. There are three different kinds of events in Provo City:

Special Events 
These are events that are not sponsored by Provo City. Instead these are large scale activities put on by a third party. These event require an application process with the city for a Special Events License.

City Events
Events sponsored by Provo City. These are events that are made to strengthen our community. There are unique events every year in addition to our long running annual events.

Provo City is lucky enough to have its own theater for performing arts. They host a variety of events from local performances to large scale performances of well known bands.



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