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The Student's Guide To Provo

Did you know that Provo is the 3rd largest city in the state? Or that Provo has been ranked 1st for community optimism, 1st for volunteerism, 2nd for business and careers, and 1st in health and well-being? We have so many reasons to love life in Provo and we hope that you find some of your own reasons to love Provo, no matter how long your stay here. 

The Provo4Students page exists to help you make a smooth transition into life as a student in Provo. Whether you have a question about getting around town, finding something to do, or getting a bite to eat, we want to be a resource here for you. If you have any general questions about Provo feel free to contact Provo 311 for help. 

In addition to the Provo 4 Students page, remember visit Mayor Curtis's blog to learn about upcoming events, new Provo shops, and Provo giveaways, the Provo Pinterest page for a guide to Provo eats, events, tips for student living, and more. Our Facebook page will also keep you up to date with Provo happenings and ways for you to get involved in the community. Best of luck to you and your adventures in Provo!

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