Meet the Candidates

Listed below are the candidates for the 2015 municipal elections. There will not be a primary election for Districts 1, 4 and 5.  Districts 3 and City-wide II will have a primary election on Tuesday, August 11, 2015.


It’s always a challenge to write about one’s self. I suppose I could just write using political jargon, but the thing is, I despise politics. I love liberty, and I understand that our city needs honest people to actually serve the public and not violate them.

After Jason Christiansen was outed in the primary-election for the city-wide city council race, I became the only other true Patriot running for office in the city.

Thomas Jefferson offered, “I  place economy among the first and most important of republican virtues, and public debt as the greatest of all dangers to be feared.” Yes, I agree. If a republic wants to be free, it must not throw it’s head under the yoke of bondage (in this example, debt).

I oppose BRT, I oppose the RAP tax, I oppose the CARE tax that the city wants. I oppose John Curtis’ ‘Yes-man’ Gary Winterton. Mr. Winterton  defended Mr. Curtis’ objective to hike utilities 80%, but ended-up compromising with other city council members at a  73% utility hike—to be revisited once a year; this is still a 73% hike any way one chooses to look at it. Mr. Winterton supports all the things I oppose.

969 W 2000 N | (770) 365-4779 |




What a wonderful experience I have had serving on the Municipal Council for the past four years. We have accomplished so much.

  • The opening of a new and very successful recreation center.
  • The sale of iProvo to Google.
  • The purchase and preservation of Rock Canyon for generations to come.
  • A sustainable, fair, and effective way to maintain our roads and infrastructure.

We are not finished! So many projects are underway or are on the drawing board. Provo is growing. Planning for that growth is critical.
  • We expect over a million visitors to Provo for the Provo City Center Temple dedication.
  • We have exciting redevelopment around the Convention Center and the RC Willey block.
  • We have hundreds of new units under construction bringing life and vitality to our downtown.

I have been heavily involved in the work of our city. I work well with Mayor Curtis, and city department heads. We have been recognized with many awards and recognitions, but we don’t build a better future on accolades. We have momentum. Let’s use it to build an even brighter future. I look forward to another chance to make a difference. The best is yet to come!

76 W 2950 N | (801) 372-6633 | |




I am committed to Provo.  For the last 44 years I have called it home and I will for the rest of my life.

I have served as a chair and an area representative in Provo’s Neighborhood Program for 13 of the last 21 years. In 2001 I was elected to a City Wide seat on the Provo City Council. I came in with a neighborhood perspective and soon learned that it is the Business Community that contributes the most to our city budget.

The services and facilities that we enjoy are funded largely by sales taxes. Currently we need more stores in Provo so that we can buy local without spending our money in other communities. When our sales tax dollars stay in Provo, we will have more money for our Police, Fire Department and our Parks Programs. With a vibrant economy it is less likely that we will have to raise fees and taxes to keep the city running.

I believe with careful planning Provo has a bright future, but we must balance residential growth by growing our business community.  This balance will help assure that we will have the income to pay our bills in the future.

1172 S Nevada | (801) 921-7794 | | 



Brian SmithBRIAN J. SMITH  |  WATCH VIDEO » I have a record of serving the city to transform it for the better. We have the chance to make it an even more attractive home by reaching for what Provo has the ability to become.

I have spent the last 7 years as a Commissioner on the Provo Planning Commission and on the Parks and Rec Board. As a resident since 1979 I know where Provo City has been, and where it can go for a vibrant future. I’m passionate about Provo’s neighborhoods, knowing their history, maintaining and increasing their unity, and hearing their voices.

I see Provo’s business and retail offerings as a challenge. To bring jobs, economic growth, and shopping opportunities is a goal I’ll work toward. Provo’s property rights, land use and zoning is a concern. With limited space and rising population I will continue to work to ensure that Provo builds the right way for the health of the city. My community service over the years has led to opportunities to serve, chair, and preside on boards with constituencies up to hundreds of thousands. I am a proven, impartial leader and want to guide Provo to the success of which it is capable and deserving.

1296 S 500 W | (801) 361-8439 | |


HowardStoneHOWARD STONE"I am just here in case Kay decides to drop out, I say Vote Kay Van Buren."

1248 W 1400 N | (801) 921-3642 |



Kay VanBurenVERNON KAY VAN BURENMy name is Kay Van Buren and I am running for Provo City Council District 4. My family has called Provo home for three generations. We have spent five decades building neighborhoods in our Provo community. I believe in three things that will help Provo succeed in the future.

  1. Create opportunities that allow for traditions and roots being established by new generations where Provo becomes their long term home.
  2. Govern with responsible fiscal policies that serve needs now and also prepare for a financially healthy future.
  3. Provide conservative leadership that prepares our community to face the challenges that will come from national and world events.

I have great confidence in the future of Provo. I am excited about the opportunity to work together with council members, administration and the community helping Provo be the place we all want to call home for generations to come.

1416 N 2100 W |(801) 420-0743 |





I’m a father of four and husband to one wonderful wife. I love being involved in the community and serving my neighbors. I’ve served as chair and/or vice-chair of Dixon Neighborhood, the Timpanogos Elementary School Community Council, and the City’s Transportation and Mobility Advisory Committee. I’m running for City Council because I believe it is where I can best serve my neighbors.

I am prepared to serve on the Council. I have engaged with Council members on a variety of topics over the years. Recently it was regarding user fees and cost recovery. I know I’m a little weird, but I find this stuff interesting. As an engineer, it’s my job to find elegant solutions to difficult problems. As a PhD scientist, I’m trained to question assumptions and critically evaluate evidence. This background will be helpful on the Council.

I love Provo and believe that we have a special community. I see major challenges and opportunities ahead as Provo continues to grow. We cannot expect to maintain our great quality-of-life if we fail to address these challenges and take advantage of these opportunities. I hope to represent the residents of District 5 as we build this future together.

595 W 400 N | (801) 310-9970 |



Write-inWrite-In-Candidate A write-in candidate is a candidate in an election whose name does not appear on the ballot, but for whom voters may vote nonetheless by writing in the person's name. The system is almost totally confined to elections in the United States.




“I love Provo and greatly enjoyed my service as Mayor and as a member of the City Council.” 

Having encouragement and support from current and former Provo City Council members and state legislative representatives, I felt if the citizens of Provo feel that I am the best person to serve and help them maintain Provo’s wonderful quality of life, then I have the energy and desire to serve again.
Stewart served as mayor from 1994 to 1997. He served on the city council from 2006-2009, being selected by the council to serve a year as Vice Chairman and Chairman for 2 years.

“As passing an annual budget is one of the council ’s main responsibilities, I feel my experience in working with budgets during my business career, as Provo’s mayor, and as a city council member gives me an unique opportunity to assist the administration and city council in ensuring the long term financial viability of Provo.” 

Stewarts’s Business Experience Includes Being

4174 N Dover Ln | (801) 341-0463 |




Corin-WyzatskyCARINA H. WYTIAZ  |  WATCH VIDEO » Carina Hoskisson Wytiaz has lived and worked in Provo for many years. Carina is a digital content marketer with extensive experience in high-tech start-ups, creating coalitions, bringing together stakeholders, and enabling innovation. Her professional career includes client services, operations, product management, as well as director of content strategy.

Carina has worked at Covey Leadership Center, Franklin Covey, Borders,,, and other local and national tech companies. Carina is a proud graduate of Edgemont Elementary, Farrer Junior High, Timpview High School, and BYU, where she earned a degree in History and International Relations.

Carina will work to build consensuses with community voices, encourage a strong retail base, set goals for a positive future, and be a solution on the council. Her husband and three children inspire her to help Provo grow in smart, sustainable ways, and to keep our momentum moving forward.

408 W 3900 N | (801) 818-2276 |