How to Register to Vote

To register to vote please go to or register in person at the Utah County Clerk's office up to 7 days before the election. You will not be eligible to participate in early voting, but you will be able to vote on election day. Monday, July 27 is the last day the County Clerk can register voters in the office so that voters may still vote early. You must register by Monday, August 3 to vote in the primary election.


You must submit the voter registration form, before the registration deadline, to the address shown below:

Utah County Clerk, Elections Office
100 East Center Street, Rm 3100
Provo, Utah 84606


Voter registration forms are found at the following locations in Utah County

  • Utah County Elections Office, 100 E Center Street, Room 3100, Provo.
  • Local city office
  • US west Dex or Provo-Orem Phone Directories (on the last page of the Government section).
  • Mail-In Registration Form (.pdf form)

You may also contact the Utah County Elections Office at 801-851-8128.

Vote2REGISTER ONLINE You may now register to vote online if you have a current Utah Driver's License or State ID Card. Visit to access this service.