Events in a Park or Trail

Rock-Canyon-Trailhead-Park-pavilionSpecial Events and Services Application versus Parks and Trail Use Application? Are you unsure if you need to complete a Special Events and Services Application if your event is in a Provo Park or on a Provo Trail? 

This flow chart will help you identify the application you'll need for your event. You can also visit 311 Special Events page or go to the Special Events and Services Application to read more about Special Events within Provo City.

A Park and Trail Use Events Application is required for all events that take place within a Provo City Park or Trail and meet any of the following criteria as identified in Provo City Code, Chapter 9.19, Park Use Regulations, Section 9.19.020. Use of Parks by Permission. Common events with this criteria can include any of the following; large events where attendance exceeds pavilion capacity or 200+ people, corporate events, weddings, receptions, events with bounce houses or large inflatable toys, 1k/5k/10k/Fun Run events, concerts and filming events.

If you're still unsure of what application to complete, please contact 311 Customer Service or Parks & Grounds Operations

Please Note: All special events that take place within a park or on a trail are subject to a $200 Parks Use Fee or a Trail Use Fee.

Please follow the steps below to complete a Park and Trail Use Application.
calendar-blueStep One: Find and Reserve a Park It's essential to reserve the park pavilions within the park you plan to use for your event. 

The Park Finder and the Parks Info pages can help you locate a park pavilion you may be interested in reserving based upon its features or by a map.

To see if the pavilion is reserved, go to the Pavilion Calendar then make your reservation(s) through our Pavilion Reservation System.

SEVEN DAYS ADVANCE NOTICE IS REQUIRED FOR ALL RESERVATIONS AND CANCELLATIONS. For more information concerning parks rules and regulations click here.

Our 2017 Pavilion Reservation Season is open from April 15 - October 15. Go to our Reservation page to learn more.
wedding-table-setupStep Two: Complete the Parks and Trail Use ApplicationAfter making your pavilion(s) reservation, complete the Special Parks and Trail Use Application. You'll be asked to include your pavilion reservation number(s) and provide the details of your event. 

You're application will be reviewed by Parks and Grounds upon receipt.

trail-lined-with-large-treesStep Three: Fees and MapsUpon completion of the application, you'll be contacted by the Parks & Grounds office to go over the specific details of your event.  

You may be asked to submit a map of your event with placement locations of utilized space outside of the pavilion(s) including a marked course if on a trail.

After your event has been reviewed and approved by Parks and Grounds, the Parks Use Fee and/or Trail Use Fees will be due. This can be paid over the phone with a credit card (2.95% credit card fee is applied) or a check can be brought to the Parks and Grounds Office. These fees are:

     Parks Use Fee:     $200
     Trail Use Fee:        50 - 200 participants and/or spectators: $200
                                   200 - 500 participants and/or spectators: $1 per person
                                   500+ participants and/or spectators: $500 + .50 cents per person

For more information concerning parks rules and regulations please click here.
kid-on-inflatable-slideStep Four: Liability InsuranceLiability Insurance is required for several activities in a park including the use of bounce houses, inflatable toys and some carnival games. 

Please include the following information when submitting insurance certificate:

  • the park name
  • pavilion reserved
  • the name of the event
  • who reserved the pavilion
  • and the time period and date of reservation

    If the inflatable rental agency does not provide insurance, insurance may be purchased at Provo City through the T.U.L.I.P. insurance program.

    Bounce houses, inflatable toys and bubble soccer are allowed with pavilion reservations only
    . Insurance covering Provo City MUST be provided NO LATER THAN SEVEN DAYS PRIOR TO THE EVENT. If insurance is not provided, the inflatable bounce house or item will not be allowed to be set up in the park. 

    Slip and Slides and large water features are not allowed at city parks. 

    Electrical service at the park will not support the electrical draw of the inflatable toy or bounce house; you must provide your own power.
  • timp-kiwanis-pavilion-260Step Five: Final ArrangementsBased upon your event attendance, you'll be asked to provide the following for your event:

    All Events: provide additional trash bags and/or containers for your event. All trash must be carried out after your event.

    Provide portable toilets based upon the following attendance:
         300 - 999: 2 portable toilets
         1000+: refer to UT Admin Code R392-400 

    If you've reserved a park key, please schedule a time to pick it up during our office hours, Monday - Thursday, 7AM - 6PM.

    Also, please become familiar with Provo Parks Use Rules and Guidelines and Special Park Use Rules