Citywide 2 Stewart

George Stewart - City Wide II

George Stewart was elected in 2015 to the City-Wide District II seat.

George served as Provo City Mayor from 1994 to 1997. He served on the City Council from 2006 to 2009, being selected by the Council to serve a year as Vice Chair and two years as Chair. 

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Dixon Neighborhood Meeting

  • Date: 02/13/2018 6:30 PM - 7:30 PM  
  • Location: Dixon Middle School, Band Room
  • Introduction: Regularly monthly meeting for the Dixon Neighborhood

Hello Dixon Neighbors!

I’ll be seeing you at 6:30pm in Dixon Middle School’s Library where we’ll be talking about the best neighborhood in Provo! (and enjoying some pre-Valentine’s Day goodies!)

For this month’s meeting we’re going to discuss a proposed development on the corner of 400 North and 500 West block (the properties surrounding the McClean Chiropractic office).

We will have Brian Maxfield from Provo’s Community Development Office, and someone from the McClean family, come and talk to us about their proposal of putting another 6-unit building (identical to the existing) just further west (inside the block) from the current one.

We need your input on the proposal, which also includes engaging in a conversation about what the ideal zoning would be for that area. Currently it’s zoned as the old RC zone, but Community Development is looking at what future zoning requirements might look like for a Mixed-Use Development. Another important aspect to consider and be discussed is that based on the parking needs of whatever zone is decided, they may need to tear down the current home/duplex at 533 W 400 N and put a parking lot there.

Although this is just one development, it often sets a precedence for the next development, and the next, so please come and let your opinions be heard as to what you feel the future feel of Dixon neighborhood should be and how we accommodate growth in a way that fulfills our vision of what we want Dixon to be when it grows up.

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