BYU International Folk Dance Ensemble

folk dancersBYU International Folk Dance Ensemble$14 Regular, $12 Students and Seniors
Ages 2 and up, no babies or babes in arms

Any wanderer will tell you that there is something magical about discovering new places and participating in timeless traditions.  There's no need to wait, you can discover the magic now.  Join the International Folk Dance Ensemble for an adventure that will entertain your wanderlust through an evening of dance and music.  Journey is a 90-minute voyage of dance and music through the heartbeat of the world's cultures.  In this show, you will see dances ranging from Irish hard shoe, American clogging, Ukranian Hopak, exotic Indian dances, and much more.  It is a kaleidoscope of furious footwork, pulsing rhythms, live music, and authentic costumes radiating the magic from across the globe.  So throw off the bowlines and catch the wind in your sails as our companion on this Journey.

No videography allowed


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