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Board of Appeals

The Provo City Board of Appeals is convened on an as-needed basis to review appeals of decisions made by the Building Inspection Division. For questions or to get on an agenda, please contact Provo's Chief Building Official
at (801) 852-6454.

Board of Appeals

Board of Appeals


Board of Appeals
October 16, 2017 


The Provo City Board of Appeals will hold a public hearing on Monday, October 17, 2017, at 12:15 p.m., in the Community Development Conference Room at the Provo City Center, located at 330 West 100 South. The following items below will be discussed, and anyone interested is invited to attend and provide comment. Preceding the public hearing, lunch will be provided to the board members in a briefing at 12:00 p.m. The briefing is open to the public; however, formal presentation of items, public comment, and actions will be reserved for the public hearing at 12:15 p.m.

ITEM 1            Residence Pool   1348 East Red Oak Circle, Provo, UT 84601. Wasatch Neighborhood.


Christian Nielson requests a release of the Certificate of Non-Compliance, to accept the IRC 2006 AG105.5 Barrier Exceptions over Provo City Policy #178 New Swimming Pool Fencing. The IRC 2006 specifically exempts covers that comply with the ASTM Safety Standard F1346-91, from other safety barrier requirements, such as pool fence. The property has constructed a pool that is certified to meet these ASTM safety standards noted in the IRC 2006. This standard for pool safety barriers in lieu of fence has been adopted by many municipalities in states including Utah, Arizona, Texas, Iowa, Missouri, Florida, and others.

Provo City will make reasonable accommodations for all citizens interested in participating in this meeting. If assistance is needed to allow participation at this meeting, please call Hana Mauga at (801) 852-6450.

By order of the Provo City Board of Appeals
By Hana Mauga, Secretary, (801) 852-6450

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