District 5 Harding

Dave Harding - District 5

Dave Harding was elected in 2015 and represents District 5. He is a father of four and husband to one wonderful wife. He has served as Dixon Neighborhood Chair, the Timpanogos Elementary School Community Council, and the City's Transportation and Mobility Advisory Committee. He has a PhD in Materials Science from the University of Utah.

Dave's family roots in Provo go back eight generations but he was born and raised in Salt Lake City, helping him appreciate Provo even more now that he lives here. He works at Dymicron as an R&D engineer and a spine scientist. As an engineer, his job is to find elegant solutions to difficult problems. As a scientist, he's trained to question assumptions and critically evaluate evidence. He is eager to use his background as he approaches issues in front of the Council.

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Lakewood Neighborhood Meeting

  • Date: 11/08/2018 6:00 PM - 7:00 PM  
  • Location: The Reserve
    Located at Provo Towne Centre Mall, 1st floor, southwest side (near Dillards)
In preparation for the westside plan, Bach Homes will be presenting their vision of the Davis/Bastin property located from 500 west to the freeway north of the Lakeview Parkway. We will also be discussing the neighborhood matching grant.

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