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Dave Harding - District 5

Dave Harding was elected in 2015 and represents District 5. He is a father of four and husband to one wonderful wife. He has served as Dixon Neighborhood Chair, the Timpanogos Elementary School Community Council, and the City's Transportation and Mobility Advisory Committee. He has a PhD in Materials Science from the University of Utah.

Dave's family roots in Provo go back eight generations but he was born and raised in Salt Lake City, helping him appreciate Provo even more now that he lives here. He works at Dymicron as an R&D engineer and a spine scientist. As an engineer, his job is to find elegant solutions to difficult problems. As a scientist, he's trained to question assumptions and critically evaluate evidence. He is eager to use his background as he approaches issues in front of the Council.

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Joaquin Neighborhood Meeting

  • Date: 02/05/2019 5:45 PM  
  • Location: old Wash Hut location
    495 E 600 S

Joaquin Neighborhood,

As your Neighborhood Chair I agreed to conduct a additional Neighborhood meeting February 5th at 5:45pm at the building on 600 north and 495 east.  This is the old Wash Hut Location.

Neighbors within 1000 Feet of the location should receive flyers at least 3 days before the meeting date. 


The Meeting Topic

At the location where the Wash Hut was on 600 north and 495 east in the heart of BYU's social scene of over 5000 students in the immediate area. The developer hopes to provide the students a place to meet, go on dates, connect, and get high quality food.  Adding restaurant space within the neighborhood was a item suggested in our neighborhood plan to increase the walk-ability of the area as long as it has an eye towards a neighborhood scale.  

The developer has a agreements with vendors that makes additional seating required.

The City has suggested there are 2 ways to make this happen:

1. Create an easement with the neighboring property, share the drive access and put more parking on the west side. This creates its own set of challenges by moving the green grass strip and working with the neighboring property to make them happy and pay them enough money every year to do it. Nonetheless after months of work I think there is a plan that works.

2. Hire an Engineering company to do a parking reduction plan. So I hired Hales engineering to to professionally determine whether more parking was necessary... they recently finished their non-bias independent study which found that because of many factors including the walk-able nature of that area and the 500 million dollar new BTR line and nearby station, additional parking is not needed. 


Mike Wade has submitted both these plans to the city trying to find any way to get that extra seating. See the attached rendering of what deck would look like and the building and the plans.

Mike Wade looks forward to meeting with anybody that wants to show up to that meeting to answer any questions.

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