District 5 Harding

Dave Harding - District 5

Dave Harding was elected in 2015 and represents District 5. He is a father of four and husband to one wonderful wife. He has served as Dixon Neighborhood Chair, the Timpanogos Elementary School Community Council, and the City's Transportation and Mobility Advisory Committee. He has a PhD in Materials Science from the University of Utah.

Dave's family roots in Provo go back eight generations but he was born and raised in Salt Lake City, helping him appreciate Provo even more now that he lives here. He works at Dymicron as an R&D engineer and a spine scientist. As an engineer, his job is to find elegant solutions to difficult problems. As a scientist, he's trained to question assumptions and critically evaluate evidence. He is eager to use his background as he approaches issues in front of the Council.

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Lakeview North and South Neighborhood Meeting

  • Date: 02/28/2019 7:00 PM  
  • Location: Provo High School
Meeting will be held in presentation room which just inside the main (south) entrance on the left. 

This a joint meeting between Lakeview North and South neighborhoods. The developer who owns the land on the north side of 820 North between Geneva Road and the freeway is proposing an RV park for this area. He has wanted to develop the land as single family homes for several years. He is facing resistance from the city because it is likely a freeway interchange will be here in the future. The developer is looking for ways to recoup his investment and came up with the idea of an RV park. The maximum stay by code is 30 days so he could easily vacate the area if the state takes it for an interchange. We would like to get neighborhood feedback on the proposal.
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