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Laborer (Open File)

  • Type:Part Time
  • Salary/Pay Rate:$9.00/hr and up
  • Posted Date:07/10/2017

Part-time Seasonal Positions


Essential Duties: These are laborer positions needed seasonally by Provo City in various departments. The individuals hired for these positions will be required to perform the following varied physical work including: picking up, carrying cuttings, debris, and litter and emptying various containers into trucks and receptacles; load, dump and pack refuse and debris; dig trenches, holes and other excavations; trim trees around high voltage power lines; install underground power conduits and street light circuits, frame footings, foundations, pour and finish concrete–install chain link fencing; safely use hand tools including: shovels, brooms, rakes, picks, wheelbarrows, etc.; operate varied power tools and equipment including: jack hammers, power saws, compressors, trenchers and compactors; assist power system line crews as ground workers; carry and load tree limbs and logs, and operate dump truck and chipper. Perform routine building maintenance; assist in constructing and maintaining bowerys, small buildings, and storage facilities; ensure proper operation of lighting fixtures, doors, windows, and plumbing; perform concrete and masonry work; ensure proper installation and maintenance of playground equipment; assist in the installation of sprinkler systems; perform general landscape and gardening duties; perform general grounds maintenance; perform general cleanup, maintenance, and repair of restrooms, pavilions, playgrounds, picnic tables, benches, bleachers, ball fields, and other facilities. Additionally, employee will be required to perform other related duties as required.
Minimum Requirements: Any training or experience which would demonstrate an ability to perform the work. Applicant must have the following: physical strength and agility to perform the work, ability to follow directions and communicate with the public in a courteous manner, and a knowledge of the safe use of hand tools and equipment required by the position. 
License: Valid, lawful driver's license may be required at time of appointment. Applicant will be disqualified from driving for the City on the basis of an unacceptable driving record as reflected by the State Department of Motor Vehicles.
Hours: Forty (40) hours per week; Monday through Saturday. Schedule may vary throughout the season and will be coordinated with supervisor. 
Duration of Positions: As directed by season.
Wage: $9.00 and up per hour depending upon skill level and experience. Payment will be made by direct deposit. 
Screening: Based on meeting the minimum requirements and job-related knowledge, experience, education, and/or training. Selection may be based largely upon an oral interview. Criminal background checks are conducted on all City positions. Non-disclosure may result in dismissal. 
Physical/Environmental Factors: This work requires: strenuous physical labor; walking; bending; reaching; lifting (up to 70 lbs.); exposure to adverse weather conditions, cleaning chemicals, and some pesticides. This work may be outdoors during the summer months and requires continued exposure to sunlight.
Pre-employment Testing: Prior to appointment, applicant will be required to successfully pass a drug screening and background investigation. Individuals with unsatisfactory drug screening results will be ineligible for appointment or application to any Provo City position for a minimum period of six (6) months.
To Apply: Apply online at or at the Provo City Division of Human Resources located at 351 West Center, Provo, UT. 
Because this is an open file position, applications of those individuals not appointed to the current opening or not making the above deadline will remain on file for 60 days. Applicants will be eligible for consideration for appointment to the above position opening within that period of time. 
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