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City Council Work Meeting

  • Date: 06/18/2019 12:00 PM - 4:30 PM
Redevelopment Agency of Provo
Work Meeting
12:00 PM, Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Room 310, City Conference Room
351 W. Center Street, Provo, UT 84601

Roll Call

1. Approval of Minutes:
March 5, 2019 Work Meeting
March 19, 2019 Work Meeting
March 28, 2019 Joint Meeting with Provo School District
May 28, 2019 Special Council Meeting
June 4, 2019 Work Meeting

Budget Committee

2. A discussion regarding changes to the FY 2019-2020 Tentative Budget. (19-004)


3. A discussion regarding an appropriation for the Airport operating budget. (19-078)

4. A discussion on the creation of Community and Neighborhood Services and Development Services. (19-036)

5. A discussion regarding the parking requirements and Transportation Demand Management plans for multi-family developments. (19-074)

6. A discussion on a proposed ordinance amendment to Provo City Code Chapter 9.17 (Civil Infractions) parking violations (19-023)

7. A discussion regarding the HOME Consortium Interlocal Agreement. (19-075)

8. A presentation regarding the annexation process. (19-076)

9. A discussion regarding the East Bay Annexation. (PLANEX20190140)

Redevelopment Agency

10. A discussion regarding a resolution authorizing the Chief Executive Officer to enter into a lease agreement with Blue Sky Development to allow them to utilize parking spaces for a pending mixed-use project at 105 East Center Street. (19-070)


11. A discussion regarding an update to Provo City Code Title 10 making amendment to the Sewer and Water Chapters of the Title. (19-072)

12. A discussion of proposed amendments to Provo City Code 15.03.035 (Grading) to clarify and change requirements related to grading and grading permits. (19-002)

Policy Items Referred from the Planning Commission

13. A discussion about a Zone Change from Public Facilities (PF) to Low Density Residential and a Gen Plan Amendment from PF to Residential for 0.78 ac to allow 4 townhomes at 862 E Quail Valley Drive. Edgemont Neighborhood. (PLGPA20190009&PLRZ20180430)

14. A discussion regarding a request for an ordinance text amendments to consolidate Chapter 14.30 S-Supplementary Residential Overlay Zone with Chapter 14.46 A-Accessory Apartment Overlay Zone. City-wide application. (PLOTA20190120)

15. A discussion on a request for a zone change for approximately 2.12 acres of real property, from R1.10 to a Project Redevelopment Option Zone (PRO), generally located at 1320 S State Street. Spring Creek Neighborhood. (PLRZ20190100)

Closed Meeting
The Municipal Council or the Governing Board of the Redevelopment Agency will consider a motion to close the meeting for the purposes of holding a strategy session to discuss pending or reasonably imminent litigation, and/or to discuss the purchase, sale, exchange, or lease of real property, and/or the character, professional competence, or physical or mental health of an individual in conformance with � 52-4-204 and 52-4-205 et. seq., Utah Code.


Informal discussion may be held in the Council Conference Room between 4:30 PM and 5:30 PM.

If you have a comment regarding items on the agenda, please contact Councilors at or using their contact information listed at:

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