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City Council Meeting

  • Date: 09/24/2019 5:30 PM
Regular Meeting Agenda
5:30 PM, Tuesday, September 24, 2019
Room 200, Municipal Council Chambers
351 W. Center Street, Provo, UT 84601
The Council requests that citizens help maintain the decorum of the meeting by turning off electronic devices, being respectful to the Council and others, and refraining from applauding during the proceedings of the meeting. 

Opening Ceremony

	Roll Call 
	Pledge of Allegiance 

Presentations, Proclamations, and Awards

1.	A presentation of the Justice Court Annual Report. (19-097) 

Public Comment
Fifteen minutes have been set aside for any person to express ideas, concerns, comments, or issues that are not on the agenda:
               Please state your name and city of residence into the microphone.
               Please limit your comments to two minutes.
               State Law prohibits the Council from acting on items that do not appear on the agenda.

Action Agenda

2.	A resolution appointing individuals to boards and commissions. (19-003) 

3.	A resolution appropriating $289,399 in various funds and transferring $50,460 from the General fund to correct elements of the FY19-20 budget and account for a position moving from the Development Services Department to the Mayor's Office. (19-095) 

4.	A resolution authorizing the Mayor to execute the sale of a ladder truck to the Nolensville Volunteer Fire Department. (19-100) 

5.	A resolution approving an improvement agreement regarding construction of a road in the Mountain Vista Business Center. (19-099) 

6.	An ordinance amending Provo City Code to prohibit parking in bicycle lanes. (19-101) 

7.	An ordinance to amend Provo City Code to establish minimum bicycle parking standards. City-wide impact. (PLOTA20190217) 

8.	An ordinance amending the zone map classification of approximately one acre of real property, generally located at 674 E 3230 N from Residential Agriculture (RA) to One-Family Residential (R1.10). Edgemont Neighborhood. (PLRZ20190175) 

9.	An ordinance to amend the Consolidated Fee Schedule and to ratify corrections to Provo City Code Title 10. (19-071) 

10.	***CONTINUED***Silverado Management (Dave Hunter) requests a General Plan amendment from Commercial (C) to Residential (R) for property at 1900 N Canyon Rd for a 120-unit apartment building for married/student housing. Pleasant View. (PLGPA20190251)

11.	***CONTINUED***Silverado Management (Dave Hunter) requests a Zone Change from Public Facilities (PF) to Campus Mixed Use (CMU) for approximately 1.34 acres, located at 1900 N Canyon Road. Pleasant View Neighborhood.  (PLRZ20190227)

12.	***CONTINUED*** The Housing Committee of Provo City requests amendments to Section 14.37.050 to allow for reductions in required parking for residential uses subject to Planning Commission approval. City-wide application. (PLOTA20190289)

13.	***CONTINUED*** The Provo City Community Development Department requests amendments to Section 14.34.295 Downtown Development Design Standards to clarify architectural requirements in the Downtown Zones. (16-0005OA) 

If you have a comment regarding items on the agenda, please contact Councilors at or using their contact information listed at:

Materials and Agenda:
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