City Wide Contacts

Call 311 or (801) 852-6000 or go to for any City information or services you need. Contact Center agents are specially trained to answer a wide range of questions. If they don’t have the answer, they’ll find the people who do. You can get information about licensing , special events, permits, garbage pickup, and many other questions about the City. You can also report broken parking meters, street lights out, potholes, graffiti, abandoned vehicles, water main breaks, animal complaints, or any other situation that needs the attention of City workers.

Draper, MarcusAssistant City AttorneyLegal(801) 852-6140
Drzayich, JakeArena General ManagerRecreation(801) 852-6763
Duerden, PaulGeneral ManagerCovey Center(801) 852-7009
Dunn, MaryEvents CoordinatorEvents Committee, Recreation(801) 852-6632
Eckern, KarinaAquatics CoordinatorRecreation, Recreation Center(801) 852-6615
Eckles, GageFF/ParamedicFire & Rescue(801) 852-6323
Edwards, RoySchool Resource OfficerPolice(801) 852-7240
Ellsworth, ShannonPlanning Commission MemberCommunity Development
Ericksen, MaureenOffice Specialist IIIFire & Rescue(801) 852-6304
Erickson, ZachFF/EMTFire & Rescue(801) 852-6324
Esplin, JosieTransportation & Mobility Advisory Committee MemberCommunity Development
Fallon, DougChief Building OfficialCommunity Development(801) 852-6454
Ferguson, LauraGraphic Designer & Fine Artist(801) 852-7826
Ferguson, RichardChief Police(801) 852-6257
Fielding, JordanFF/ParamedicFire & Rescue(801) 852-6325
Finlinson, Jason FF/ParamedicFire & Rescue(801) 852-6322
Fish, BrianFF/EngineerFire & Rescue(801) 852-6323
Follett, DanielDivision Director of FinanceFinance(801) 852-6503
Frampton, VickiHouse Events CoordinatorCovey Center(801) 852-7017
Frisby, ChadFF/EngineerFire & Rescue(801) 852-6322
Garrett, BrettMaintenance Technician Recreation, Recreation Center(801) 852-7615
Gebhardt, PamWorkers CompensationHuman Resouces(801) 852-6185
Geyerman, JohnCaptain, CID DetectivesPolice(801) 852-7245
Glassford, ToddFF/EngineerFire & Rescue(801) 852-6325
Gleason, SteveAirport ManagerPublic Works(801) 852-6715
Gonzalez, DanielManagement Analyst IIIRedevelopment(801) 852-6168
Grabau, DustinController/Budget OfficerFinance(801) 852-6526
Graham, NicoleMarketingCovey Center(801) 852-7010
Grant, DorisProperty and Evidence SupervisorPolice(801) 852-6220
Graves, DavidCity EngineerPublic Works(801) 852-6741
Greenwood, MarkBoard of Appeals MemberCommunity Development
Griffiths, MatthewAssistant City Attorney-Domestic ViolenceLegal(801) 852-6359
Grossgebauer, ToddCaptain, Operational SupportPolice(801) 852-6250
Grunander, ChadBoard of Adjustment MemberCommunity Development
Grunander, ChadBoard of Appeals MemberCommunity Development
Gurr, RebeccaRecords SupervisorPolice(801) 852-6232
Haight, MattMedia SpecialistChannel 17(801) 852-7877
Hall, AndyFF/EngineerFire & Rescue(801) 852-6324
Hall Everett, SherrieTransportation & Mobility Advisory Committee ChairCommunity Development
Handley, GeorgeCouncil MemberCity Council(801) 574-6672
Harding, DaveCouncil MemberCity Council(801) 310-9970
Hargis, JodiTraffic ClerkJustice Court(801) 852-6878
Harris, DesireeLegal SecretaryLegal(801) 852-6140
Harris, ShiloSpecial EventsPolice(801) 852-6210
Hawley, JeremyFF/ParamedicFire & Rescue(801) 852-6322
Headman, JeremyDeputy Fire ChiefFire & Rescue(801) 852-6327
Headman, JustinFire CaptainFire & Rescue(801) 852-6322
Henderson, ScottDirector of Parks & RecreationParks, Recreation(801) 852-6602
Hill, CarrieExecutive Office AssistantFire & Rescue(801) 852-6332
Hill, ChadSurvey SupervisorPublic Works(801) 852-6746
Hill, TracyWater Resource Cross Connection CoordinatorPublic Works(801) 852-6788
Hoffman, ElizaSports CoordinatorRecreation(801) 852-6603
Hoffman, MichaelParks SupervisorParks(801) 852-6755
Holmes, Dixon Deputy MayorEconomic Development(801) 852-6166
Honeycutt, DebbyBattalion ChiefFire & Rescue(801) 852-6301
Howard, AndrewPlanning Commission MemberCommunity Development
Howarth, Kristal Deputy Court ClerkJustice Court(801) 852-6878
Howarth, KristalManagement AnalystCommunity Development(801) 852-6412
Hubbard, DrewACO, Parking, K9, Traffic SergeantPolice(801) 852-7248
Hubbs, KobyFF/ParamedicFire & Rescue(801) 852-6324
Hughes, KortneyVictim Services CoordinatorPolice(801) 852-6383
Hunter, RobEngineer IVPublic Works(801) 852-6783
Huntsman, KentSergeantPolice(801) 852-6352
Hurd, JanetExecutive Office Assistant-Water ResourcesPublic Works(801) 852-6780
Hutchings, MattWater Resource Distribution Section ManagerPublic Works(801) 852-6781
Ivan, MollyPlanning SecretaryCommunity Development(801) 852-6424
Jensen, DeborahPlanning Commission Vice ChairCommunity Development
Jensen, DevonLieutenantPolice(801) 852-7242
Jensen, YolandaLead Deputy Court ClerkJustice Court(801) 852-6878
Johnson, BradyFF/ParamedicFire & Rescue(801) 852-6324
Johnson, JudyExecutive Office AssistantPublic Works(801) 852-6740
Johnson, ScottPlanning TechnicianCommunity Development(801) 852-6433
Johnson, TrentAirport Operations CoordinatorPublic Works(801) 852-6715
Johnston, KerriExecutive Office Assistant/Accounts PayableFinance(801) 852-6505
Jones, BrianDeputy City AttorneyLegal(801) 852-6140
Jones, EdPlanning Commission MemberCommunity Development
Jones, ShaneWater Engineer IVPublic Works(801) 852-6773
Joyner, CherylManagement Analyst IRedevelopment(801) 852-6162
Karren, EllenPlanning TechnicianCommunity Development(801) 852-6421
Kaufusi, MichelleMayorCity Recorder, Events Committee, Mayor's Office(801) 852-6108
Keller, AdamLead InspectorPublic Works(801) 362-4521
Kendrick, CourtneyMedia SpecialistChannel 17(801) 787-1781
Kent, ChrisStreets Crew SupervisorPublic Works(801) 852-6719
King, NishaSgt, PatrolPolice(801) 852-6312
Kiser, PhillipDesign Review Committee ChairCommunity Development
Knecht, DaveCouncil MemberCity Council(801) 921-7794
Knell, RogerDesign Review Committee MemberCommunity Development
Knight, JonathanEngineer IIIPublic Works(801) 852-6748
Knudsen, KagenFF/ParamedicFire & Rescue(801) 852-6322
Lambson, AnnLandmarks Commission Vice ChairCommunity Development
Larsen, JeffHR Specialist/TechnicianHuman Resouces(801) 852-6188
Larsen, KarenCustomer Service Director311 Customer Service
Laws, LaurenMedia Specialist SupervisorChannel 17(801) 852-7878
LeDoux, LaurenFitness CoordinatorRecreation, Recreation Center(801) 852-6612
Leetham, ChristinePermit TechnicianPublic Works(801) 852-6776
Leifer, DeniseCriminal ParalegalLegal(801) 852-6140
Lewis, BrycePatrol OfficerPolice(801) 852-7330
Lewis, JordanEngineer Technician IIPublic Works(801) 852-6749
Lewis, JordanEngineering TechnicianPublic Works(801) 852-6749
Lim, AnnaTransportation & Mobility Advisory CommitteeCommunity Development
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