City Wide Contacts

Call 311 or (801) 852-6000 or go to for any City information or services you need. Contact Center agents are specially trained to answer a wide range of questions. If they don’t have the answer, they’ll find the people who do. You can get information about licensing , special events, permits, garbage pickup, and many other questions about the City. You can also report broken parking meters, street lights out, potholes, graffiti, abandoned vehicles, water main breaks, animal complaints, or any other situation that needs the attention of City workers.

Nye, BrianCreative Director Spoken About In Myths & Legends(801) 852-7824
Curle, JaredGIS System Analyst(818) 852-6950
Nesbit, LizGIS/CAD Technician(801) 852-6775
Ferguson, LauraGraphic Designer & Fine Artist(801) 852-7826
Larsen, KarenCustomer Service Director311 Customer Service
Bussio, SandyTraffic Clerk311 Customer Service(801) 852-7162
Antonino, JessyLicensing Technician311 Customer Service(801) 852-7834
Wallace, JeanOffice SpecialistAdministrative Services(801) 852-6630
Blackham, DickFacilities ManagerAdministrative Services(801) 852-6633
Laws, LaurenMedia Specialist SupervisorChannel 17(801) 852-7878
Haight, MattMedia SpecialistChannel 17(801) 852-7877
Van Meetern, JaseMedia SpecialistChannel 17(801) 852-7877
Phillips, CodyMedia SpecialistChannel 17(801) 852-7877
Kendrick, CourtneyMedia SpecialistChannel 17(801) 787-1781
Van Buren, KayCouncil MemberCity Council(801) 420-0743
Harding, DaveCouncil MemberCity Council(801) 310-9970
Winterton, Gary Council MemberCity Council(801) 372-6633
Knecht, DaveCouncil MemberCity Council(801) 921-7794
Sewell, DaveCouncil MemberCity Council(801) 380-5103
Stewart, GeorgeCouncil MemberCity Council(801) 341-0463
Zarbock, KelseyPolicy AnalystCity Council(801) 852-6136
Mumford, BrycePolicy AnalystCity Council(801) 852-6135
VanDerwerken, ElizabethExecutive AssistantCity Council(801) 852-6120
Tapahe, KarenCommunity Relations CoordinatorCity Council(801) 852-6122
Strachan, CliffExecutive Director of CouncilCity Council(801) 852-6118
Handley, GeorgeCouncil MemberCity Council(801) 574-6672
Kaufusi, MichelleMayorCity Recorder, Events Committee, Mayor's Office(801) 852-6108
Paxman, IsaacDeputy Mayor/Public Information OfficerCity Recorder, Events Committee, Mayor's Office(801) 852-6103
McGinn, GaryCommunity Development DirectorCommunity Development(801) 852-6401
Peperone, BillCommunity Development Assistant DirectorCommunity Development(801) 852-6402
Maxfield, BrianPlanning SupervisorCommunity Development(801) 852-6429
Walls, CarrieZoning AdministratorCommunity Development(801) 852-6406
Yost, JoshPlannerCommunity Development(801) 852-6408
Ardmore, AaronPlannerCommunity Development(801) 852-6404
Wright, DustinPlannerCommunity Development(801) 852-6414
Bennett, RichBuilding InspectorCommunity Development(801) 852-6456
Taylor, BrentBuilding InspectorCommunity Development(801) 852-6452
Anderson, JamesPlans ExaminerCommunity Development(801) 852-6411
Fallon, DougChief Building OfficialCommunity Development(801) 852-6454
Carter, RickBuilding InspectorCommunity Development(801) 852-6453
Porter, DonBoard of Appeals MemberCommunity Development
Grunander, ChadBoard of Appeals MemberCommunity Development
Greenwood, MarkBoard of Appeals MemberCommunity Development
Thacker, HalBoard of Appeals MemberCommunity Development
Arnold, DavidTransportation & Mobility Advisory Committee MemberCommunity Development
Esplin, JosieTransportation & Mobility Advisory Committee MemberCommunity Development
Hall Everett, SherrieTransportation & Mobility Advisory Committee ChairCommunity Development
Markham, BenTransportation & Mobility Advisory Committee Vice ChairCommunity Development
Merrill, RogerTransportation & Mobility Advisory Committee MemberCommunity Development
Saito, Dr. MitsuruTransportation & Mobility Advisory Committee MemberCommunity Development
Christensen, MatthewLandmarks Commission MemberCommunity Development
Ringer, JeffLandmarks Commission Member (Alternate)Community Development
Bingham, ScottDesign Review Committee MemberCommunity Development
Knell, RogerDesign Review Committee MemberCommunity Development
Kiser, PhillipDesign Review Committee ChairCommunity Development
Sommers, StacyBoard of Adjustment MemberCommunity Development
Petersen, RichardBoard of Adjustment Member Vice ChairCommunity Development
Grunander, ChadBoard of Adjustment MemberCommunity Development
Thomas, TonyBoard of Adjustment MemberCommunity Development
Rowan, JaminPlanning Commission ChairCommunity Development
Jones, EdPlanning Commission MemberCommunity Development
Smith, BarbaraBoard of Adjustment ChairCommunity Development
Corry, AustinPlannerCommunity Development(801) 852-6413
Lambson, AnnLandmarks Commission Vice ChairCommunity Development
Campbell, ScottLandmarks Commission MemberCommunity Development
Mauga, HanaBuilding Inspection SecretaryCommunity Development(801) 852-6450
Riddle, TaraProperty Manager & OmbudsmanCommunity Development(801) 852-6409
Christensen, DianeLandmarks Commission ChairCommunity Development
Wardle, MarianLandmarks Commission MemberCommunity Development
Winden, MariaPlanning Commission MemberCommunity Development
Jensen, DeborahPlanning Commission Vice ChairCommunity Development
Lim, AnnaTransportation & Mobility Advisory CommitteeCommunity Development
Mills, RobertPlannerCommunity Development(801) 852-6407
Smith, Brian J.Planning Commission MemberCommunity Development
Johnson, ScottPlanning TechnicianCommunity Development(801) 852-6433
Urquiaga, LaurieTransportation & Mobility Advisory Committee MemberCommunity Development
Daniels, BrighamLandmarks Commission AlternateCommunity Development
Smith, DavidBoard of Adjustment MemberCommunity Development
Dahneke, JessicaPlanning TechnicianCommunity Development(801) 852-6418
Karren, EllenPlanning TechnicianCommunity Development(801) 852-6421
Walker, CarolDesign Review Committee Vice ChairCommunity Development
Anderson, DavePlanning Commission MemberCommunity Development
Howard, AndrewPlanning Commission MemberCommunity Development
Ellsworth, ShannonPlanning Commission MemberCommunity Development
Manoa, SionePlanning TechnicianCommunity Development(801) 852-6405
Taylor, MatthewParking AdministratorCommunity Development(801) 852-6423
Ratliff, ClaireZoning SecretaryCommunity Development(801) 852-6436
Simpson, MarkBuilding InspectorCommunity Development(801) 852-6458
Howarth, KristalManagement AnalystCommunity Development(801) 852-6412
Ivan, MollyPlanning SecretaryCommunity Development(801) 852-6424
Weaver, JavinPlanning TechnicianCommunity Development(801) 852-6410
Davis, DelwinBuilding InspectorCommunity Development(801) 852-6459
Davis, PamTechnical DirectorCovey Center(801) 852-7016
Frampton, VickiHouse Events CoordinatorCovey Center(801) 852-7017
Duerden, PaulGeneral ManagerCovey Center(801) 852-7009
Max, Kayson Scheduling/Gallery CoordinatorCovey Center(801) 852-7012
Graham, NicoleMarketingCovey Center(801) 852-7010
Cluff, JohnTechnical Operations AssistantCovey Center(801) 852-7014
Holmes, Dixon Deputy MayorEconomic Development(801) 852-6166
Thomas, ChadBusiness Development Coordinator – DowntownEconomic Development(801) 852-6177
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