Road paving

Construction Season

In Provo, we are blessed with many seasons. First, we have spring filled with bright pinks, purples, and greens as plants start coming to life. Second, we have majestic blue skies of summer. Third, autumn is filled dark reds, browns, and auburns as the trees start shedding their leaves. Fourth, we have the white wonderland of winter. And finally, we have the bright orange of construction season.

Construction season is often despised and dreaded. However, I would like to argue that construction season should also be appreciated. Okay, don’t get me wrong. I know that construction causes much frustration. Yet, have you realized what it means when you see those orange cones on the road? It means that Provo is doing well. It is proof that the economy is doing better. It is the promise of better roads, new updated infrastructure, and new buildings. It is a sign that people are noticing Provo and wanting to move here.

Even though construction is a sign that Provo is doing well, city administrators are aware of the inconvenience it places on your lives. City administrators and employees are extremely grateful for your patience and adaptability. Currently, city employees are always looking at ways to plan better around community events to decrease frustration. However, it is important to note many constraints affect the timing of projects. These constraints include weather, number of projects, availability of machinery, and coordination between other developers.

City Construction MapConstruction Map The Construction Map displays current and upcoming construction projects in Provo. You can click on any of the shapes located on the map to find out more information or type in your address to see projects in your neighborhood.

To view the map and learn more about the construction projects in Provo, click here » 
Road pavingConstruction Projects Currently, Provo City has in plans to complete over 13 projects this construction season. In order to complete all of these projects, projects start as early as possible. Not only does the city have many projects in process but so do the contractors hired to complete the projects. In order to give contractors some leeway, contracts are usually given with a timeframe for the completion of a project. However, the actual start date is left to the discretion of the contractor.
road paverAvailability and Cost of Machinery In order to reduce costs, Provo City rents machinery for a specific length of time. For example, a city will use heavy machinery for two weeks to overlay streets. If workers were required to stop for a couple of days it would cost the city thousands of dollars. In fact, for the workers to stop working on a street overlay project it would cost as much to pave half a block. Once the project has begun it is very costly to pause it.
backhoe Coordination Not only does the city strive to coordinate the construction between city departments, but also coordinates between state and private developers. If a street already has planned construction other updates and replacements to needed utility structures are also completed. The city is continuously looking for ways to increase coordination to save time and money.
wet roadWeather Moisture and temperature play a huge role in the timing of construction. For example, did you know that asphalt can’t be laid unless it is 50 degrees or warmer?