Cleared sidewalk

Clearing Sidewalks

The Provo City Code states that the owner, tenant or lessee of property must remove snow or ice from the sidewalks any time that the average snow depth exceeds one inch, or when snow or ice on the sidewalk presents an unreasonably dangerous condition. Most cities have a similar requirement.

Shovelful of snowRental Properties If you are an owner of rental property, make sure that snow and ice removal is being done. If you are a tenant, check to see what responsibility you have under your rental agreement.
Shoveling snowBe a Good Neighbor If you have elderly neighbors who find it difficult to clear their sidewalks themselves, or if you have neighbors who are away during a snowstorm, be a good neighbor and help clear their sidewalks for them.
SnowblowerOut of Town Arrangements If you go out of town during the winter, make arrangements for snow removal while you are gone.
Icy roadPreventing Street Obstruction When removing snow from sidewalks, property owners should make every effort to keep the snow on their property to prevent obstructing street travel or limiting the visibility of motorists.
spreading saltKeeping Sidewalks Safe Some sidewalks are so close to travel lanes that city and UDOT snow plow crews may throw snow from the street onto sidewalks. While this can be frustrating for property owners, it does not reduce the importance of keeping sidewalks safe for pedestrians.
Snow covered roadReport Hazards The public may report sidewalk snow and ice hazards to the city by calling 852-6000 or completing our service request form. You can also read the city ordinance regarding sidewalk snow removal (look for section 9.16.040).

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