Snow Removal Policy

In an effort to balance the costs and benefits of snow and ice control on Provo's streets, the City has a policy that includes:


Snowplow on roadMaintain Adequate Traction The Provo Streets Division endeavors to maintain adequate traction for pedestrians and vehicles properly equipped for winter driving conditions. This does not mean bare, dry pavement should be expected after each snow fall or ice storm. Furthermore, it does not mean that streets will be free of ice and snow.

Snowy roadForecast Strategy The City makes a determination based on up to date weather forecasts as to the strategy used for snow and ice control. Depending on foretasted snow fall, temperatures and humidity, we may run snow plow trucks with plows up or down and spreading or not spreading salt and sand. There is more science to snow plowing than art.

Snow covered roadPlowing Priority Plowing priority is given first to arterial and collector streets, which are plowed curb to curb, and then secondary and residential streets, where traffic lanes only are initially opened.

spreading ice on roadSalting Priority Salting priorities are also collector and arterial streets, but we also pursue regulated intersections, hillsides and curves.

Icy ConditionsTravel Lanes Only City snow plows only plow and treat the travel lanes on secondary and residential streets. We do not plow all the way to the curb for several reasons. First, we tend to create bigger problems for vehicles parked on the streets when we weave around them. Also, residents frequently prefer the snow to be piled next to the curb rather than on the sidewalk where they have to remove it. Finally, it would take City crews twice as long to clear snow from city streets if we had to make four passes on a road rather than two.

Snow removalAfter a Storm Following major storms when conditions have moderated, Streets personnel will handle such diverse activities as cleaning cul-de-sacs / dead ends and removing snow from business areas, depending on build-up.

cleared sidewalkResident Requirements Residents are required by city ordinance to remove snow and ice from the sidewalks adjacent to their homes and around mailboxes within 24 hours after snow stops falling.

SnowblowerProhibitions Residents are also prohibited by law from pushing or blowing snow into the city streets.