Provo Landscape

Vision 2030

Vision 2030 is Provo's process for defining a 20 year vision for the Provo community. Vision 2030 is an opportunity for a broad look at the future of Provo. 

Lakeside viewVision Statement The Steering Committee has adopted the following vision statement for the Visioning 2030 project. It is preliminary and subject to modification as the process unfolds. Provo - an inspiring place to live, learn, work and play.

We value: Faith, respect, and service to each other and our community; Individual responsibility; Families and individuals; Our environment and natural amenities

We support: Safe, desirable neighborhoods; A vibrant economy and high-quality jobs; Fiscally responsible governance; Life-long education

MountainsStatement of Core Values The Steering Committee has adopted a statement of core values that reflects the key principles and values that are embraced by the Provo community. This statement of core values will help guide the work of the Steering Committee and the various subcommittees working on the Vision 2030 document.

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riversideSteering Committee A steering committee composed of some of Provo's best and brightest residents formed in January 2010 has been involved in learning more about the important issues facing the city and in defining the visioning process.

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riverSubcommittee Members The steering committee created 13 subcommittees focused on key issues facing the city. Subcommittees have studied key issue areas and recommended vision statements defining how Provo should tackle the issues over the coming years.

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