Exceptional People

Life is better in Provo. Of course, that doesn’t happen without our hard-working population. Our high quality of life and leading role in innovation doesn’t happen without the talented and forward thinking people who call our city home. Provo has become nationally recognized as a great place to raise a family, get a job, volunteer, start a business, and play. These facts have only bolstered the high quality of people who are picking Provo as their choice to make a home and career.

Our exceptional people have also been the source of the city’s resurgence from hard economic times. While the country has been lamenting continuing job loss, Provo has been adding quality jobs and providing a great environment for start-up companies. Provo may not be considered a big city, but our economic growth has put us ahead of everyone.

Don’t let geography fool you. Yes, Provo is right in the middle of the Rocky Mountains, but has a unique international feel. People travel from all parts of the world to Provo. A high percentage of Provo residents speak a second language. There is a diversity here that is apparent by the litany of options for food and entertainment. Our diversity helps us reach out to the rest of the world to volunteer or do business.

There is a reason why Utah County is lovingly called "Happy Valley", and Provo sits right at the heart of that valley. The people are full of compassion and a desire to do good. This is obvious in the expansive volunteer programs hosted by the city and various other organizations throughout our community. These groups help clean up older neighborhoods, trails and aging homes, they raise money for the less fortunate, they paint murals in areas where graffiti might thrive, and they serve each other when they notice a need. 

Truly it is the People in provo that make this city great.