When Provo and the word innovation are paired together it is easy to think about Google Fiber. However, Provo was not picked randomly as one of the first cities to bring this service to the people. We had the foresight to know that this technology was the future and laid the framework that allowed Google to step into the mix seamlessly. It is this same kind of forward thinking that allows billion dollar companies to call Provo home. It is the same thinking that has led the Provo economy to take national prominence for its resilience and resurgence.

Provo has been a beacon for education to the world for decades. It is no coincidence that a city with great educational opportunities also has an edge in business. The bright minds migrating to Provo provide the kind of environment that allow the businesses here to staff their companies with qualified personnel. It is an environment that inspires and allows for the beginning of new companies and expansion of existing ones.

Now that Provo has reached national prominence for its place in business it can just coast, right? That isn’t how it works in Provo. Camp 4 was recently started here to aid in Provo's fight against complacency in the marketplace. Camp 4 is a collaboration between the public and private sector that is making sure that the startup tech businesses here have the information that they need to make their mark. Located in the historic Startup building in downtown, Camp 4 provides new business a leg-up to avoid the pitfalls of a new business and providing the knowledge to stay ahead of the pack.

This spirit of innovation is not unique to the technology sector. One of the more prominent businesses of Provo, Nu Skin, has recently invested in a new facility to ensure that they can continue to be a leader in their field.

It may seem a bit strange to have read this much about innovation in Provo without a mention of Brigham Young University. The Marriot School is nationally recognized for its business programs. And the Innovation Academy provides an incubator of sorts for the entrepreneurs of the future. It provides students the opportunity to collaborate with their peers from different disciplines of study to offer a balanced attack at starting a business.

Brigham Young University has a great impact on our community it being the second largest University in Utah. We are additionally fortunate to have Utah Valley University, the largest University in Utah, less than 5 miles from BYU. UVU is recognized for its hands on approach to education that provides is graduates not only with an outstanding education, but simulated workplace experience. It is largely recognized for its progressive digital media and computer science departments which provides a large number of technology minded graduates into the local workforce.

These are only a few example of the innovation happening within our city limits. The possibilities are endless and that is evident every day. That is why Provo leads today and why it will continue to lead into the future.