Provo Airport

plane on ramp at sunset It's great flying out of Provo! The Provo Airport provides commercial service as well as being a general aviation airfield.

Information on scheduled commercial flights, businesses and amenities located at the airport can be found here on our airport web page.
arrow to airport Directions to Provo Airport
-Lakeview Parkway is Provo's new road that will take you directly to the airport from the University Avenue I-15 exit in Provo. After taking I-15 exit 263, turn left at the end of the off ramps and follow Lakeview Parkway to the airport. Turn west into the airport at Mike Jense Parkway. This road is a more direct route to the airport than using the Center Street route, and avoids the dangerous Center Street I-15 intersection. It is also a good way to avoid construction on 3110 West.

Lakeview Parkway can also be accessed from 1860 South going westbound. Continue driving westbound until the name changes to Lakeview Parkway at the intersection of 1860 South and the I-15 on ramp. This road has been a long-awaited improvement to the west side of Provo!

- If you would still rather use Center Street, take Provo Center Street westbound to 3110 W, turn left and follow the road until you reach Mike Jense Parkway, then turn right.  If using I-15, take exit 265 (Center Street) westbound.  NOTE: With Provo City west-side development, traffic on Center Street could be delayed. Plan your time accordingly. 
Drone Drone Regulations

If you are going to fly a drone within five miles of the airport, you need to call the Provo Air Traffic Control Tower and let them know when and where this will take place. The tower phone number is 801-377-1760.

Air traffic tower Airport Information

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