Building in Provo

If you’d like to build anything in Provo, you’ve come to the right place. We've explained below the role of each city department or division involved in the building process. Begin the application process by determining if your project is Residential or Commercial. On the Residential and Commercial pages of our website you will find guidelines for various types of residential and commercial projects and information on how to start your project.

crane-silhouette Why Build In Provo?

Provo is the home of seven Fortune 500 companies, and 6 of the 100 fastest growing companies in Utah*. With our highly educated workforce, large young professional population, strong universities, obvious entrepreneurial spirit and outstanding quality of life, this is the place for you to start and grow your business. As a plus to building in Provo, we have very low unemployment, low utility rates and favorable taxes.

* (Mountain West Capital Network 2013 list of the top 200 fastest growing companies in Utah)

group-meeting Community Development The Community Development Department is the facilitator for all construction projects in the City. You will almost always begin your project by submitting an application to our department. We will circulate your plans for approval by various city departments, such as those listed below, then review it for compliance with the Planning, Zoning and Building codes.

The Planning and Zoning Divisions will review your plans to determine if the use is appropriate for the zone, and if your project meets certain requirements such as parking, setbacks, and lot coverage.

The Building Division will review your plans to make sure that they meet the requirements of the adopted building codes, then inspect your project at various stages of development to ensure the safety of the structure. You are welcome to contact our department for any questions regarding your project.

inspection2 Provo City Power Provo Power reviews all new developments for site specific power layouts, assessing the cost for the development, and checking for existing power facility conflicts. We review building permits to redline their site plan to identify appropriate electric services in addition to applying impact, connection, and any power relocation fees that are necessary.

airport_aerial_11X17 Public Works Department The Public Works Department consists of many divisions, and all of them play an important role in the review and approval of all development projects.

This department reviews these proposed projects for things such as: ensuring all street improvements conform to city standards; reviewing all subdivision plats to ensure their accuracy for recording, including all easements and property descriptions; checking all water, sewer, and storm drain utilities to ensure that the proposed utility improvements meet City Standards and that capacity is available in the existing infrastructure; checking to ensure that the placement of all sanitation collection bins are accessible. This department also reviews all projects for construction on hillside slopes, no build zones and any necessary traffic studies.

The Public Works Department also handles all excavation permits and inspections involving the installation or repair of water, sewer and storm drain mains and services that may or may not be a part of a development project. All fees related to Water, Sewer, Storm Water, Street and Traffic are also calculated and applied by this department.

Building inspection Fire Department The Fire Department is involved in development in Provo City from the beginning stages with planning, plan review and permits.  Visit the the Fire Department's Contractor Corner for more information.