Historic Property Renovation

Prior to beginning exterior work on a property listed in the Provo Landmarks Register, fill out and submit a Planning application online for a Landmarks Commission Certificate of Appropriateness. If the proposed work requires a hearing before the Landmarks Commission, the application will be placed on the next available Landmarks Commission Agenda. Landmarks Commission meetings are generally held monthly. If the application can be approved administratively, staff has ten days to render an administrative decision after an application has been accepted and deemed complete.

After a property has been listed in the Provo Landmarks Register, no alteration of the exterior appearance of any structure, site, or object within the property shall be made or permitted until after an application for a Certificate of Appropriateness has been submitted to and approved by the Landmarks Commission, or the Landmarks Commission staff.

Certificates of Appropriateness shall be required for alterations such as, but not limited to:

  • Any construction that requires a building permit;
  • Removal and replacement or alteration of architectural detailing, such as porch columns, railing, window moldings, cornices and siding;
  • Roof replacement or re-roofing;
  • Relocation of a structure or object on the same site or to another site;
  • Construction of additions or decks;
  • Alteration or construction of accessory structures, such as garages, carports, sheds, etc.;
  • Alteration of windows and doors, including replacement or changes in fenestration patterns;
  • Construction or alteration of porches:
  • Construction or alteration of porches;
  • Masonry work, including, but not limited to, re-pointing, paint removal and cleaning;
  • Construction or alteration of site features including, but not limited to, fencing, walls, pavind and grading;
  • Installation or alteration of any exterior sign;
  • Any demolition;
  • Change or exterior paint color; and
  • New Construction.

The following types of construction or demolition may be decided administratively by the Landmarks Commission staff subject to the standards adopted in Provo City Code Title 16:

  • Minor alterations, repairs, or additions to a Landmark or Contributory Building or Site in a historic district;
  • Alterations, repairs or additions to a Non-Contributory Building or Site in a historic district;
  • Any alterations or demolition of an accessory structure; and
  • Demolition of a Non-Contributory Building or Site in a historic district.

For questions about renovating a historic property, please call Josh Yost in the Planning Division at (801) 852-6408.