Multi-Family Residential Buildings

In order to build a multi-family residential project, you will need to apply for Project Plan Approval. Before beginning that process, several initial questions must be asked:

(1) Does the current zone support your desired use and density? If the answer is yes, move to the next question. If the answer is no, then you will need to apply for a zone map amendment. Start by speaking to a Planner in Community Development at (801) 852-6400. The City has various zones that allow multi-family housing and it may make more sense for you to build the project in one of those zones. If you find that you need a zone map amendment, you will want to start that process by meeting the requirements of the Zone Map Amendment Checklist. Submit application and any required documents online. All Zone Map Amendments must be heard by the Planning Commission and approved by the Municipal Council. For questions about the zone map amendment process please call the Planning Division at (801) 852-6419.

(2) Is the project intended for married couples or single-individual housing, and how many bedrooms per unit do you want to build?  These two elements determine how many parking spaces will be required, and how the design of the project will be impacted.

(3) Are these units going to be apartments or do you want the units to be privately owned? A subdivision plat will be required with any multi-family development; however, if you want to sell individual units then a Condominium plat or PUD will be required along with the Project Plan review. The Condominium/PUD plat process can run concurrently with the Project Plan, and is recommended. Start the Condominium/PUD plat process by meeting the requirements of the Condominium Checklist. Submit the application and any required documents online. For questions about the Condominium approval process please call the Planning Division at (801) 852-6419.

(4) Can you afford to hire an Architect and Civil Engineer to design plans for the City to review? Professionally drawn plans will be required as part of this application.

These initial four questions are generally the most important to answer before moving forward. When you’re ready to begin the project plan approval process, start by meeting the requirements of the Project Plan Approval Checklist. Be sure to meet the Electrical Residential Specifications for power. Submit application and any required documents online. The project plan approval is a technical review of the civil and architectural plans submitted for the project. Your application will be routed to various departments for review and approval. Project plan and plat approval must be obtained prior to getting a building permit. For questions about the project plan approval process please call the Planning Division at (801) 852-6419.

Once you have completed the Project Plan process you can begin the building permit process. You will start by reviewing and meeting the requirements of the Commercial Plan Review Checklist and filing for a Building Permit online. A plan check fee must be paid at the time you apply for your building permit; all other fees are collected when we issue the building permit. In most cases this includes the payment of bond monies to guarantee the improvements approved on the plans. After your information is submitted and accepted, your plans will be reviewed by various departments to determine if they meet code requirements. When the plans have been approved, we will issue your permit and you can begin construction of your multi-family residential project. If you have questions about the building permit process, please call the Building Division at (801) 852-6450.