If you want to create a new parcel of land for constructing a residence, you will need to go through the subdivision plat approval process. To start the process of subdividing a piece of property, you will need to fill out and meet the requirements of the Preliminary Subdivision Checklist. You may also need to review the Commercial Specifications for electric service and contact Provo Power at (801) 852-6852 to get a site specific layout/design and estimates on line extensions, depending on how many lots will be in your subdivision. Submit application and any required documents online. Once your application and plans are received, they will be reviewed by various city departments to determine if they meet the code requirements. Subdivision plans require approval in a public hearing, either before the City’s Planning Commission or an Administrative Hearing Officer. As part of the approval process, a bond must be posted with the City that guarantees that necessary improvements like curb, gutter and sidewalks will be installed. For questions about starting the subdivision plat approval process, please contact the Planning Division at (801) 852-6419.