Utility Service Changes

Electrical Service Changes:
If you need to make changes to your residential electrical service you will need to get a building permit; however, you will start the process by scheduling a pre-inspection with the Building Division. Each property will have different requirements due to meter location, trees, accessory buildings, etc. The pre-inspection will determine what will be best way to make the change based on all these factors; it helps eliminate the possibility of having to move your electrical equipment a second time if it is first installed in a location that does not meet all the code requirements. Start the permit process by completing the Building Permit Application online. Schedule the pre-inspection by calling the Building Division at (801) 852-6450. There is an inspection fee of $75 which can be included in the building permit fees. The building permit fees vary based on service size, overhead or underground connection and other factors. If the changes to your residential structure require upgrading your power needs, consult the Electrical Service Change Quick Reference to see all the necessary specifications.

Gas Line Service Changes:
Residential: A mechanical permit is required if you want to have a gas meter set or upgraded to a 2 lb. meter. Start the permit process by filing for a Building Permit online. The minimum permit fee is $50, credit card payments can be made on your online account or over the phone by calling (801) 852-6400. When you have completed the work, you will need to call for an inspection to ensure that the work meets the code requirements. If the inspector finds that the work doesn’t meet code requirements they will explain why and give you time to fix it. A re-inspection will be required. To schedule an inspection or re-inspection, please call the Building Division at (801) 852-6450.