Fire & Rescue

  • Home Fire Hazards night-house-fire A fire can be one of the most tragic events in your life. Understanding home fire hazards and having a fire escape plan can reduce the loss of life and property. Fires are likely to start in many places in the home including the kitchen, living room, bedroom, and storage areas such as the attic, basement, workroom, or storeroom. Causes of fire include overheated or overloaded electrical wire, cigarette ashes, smoldering ashes in the couch, sparks from the fireplace, unattended outdoor fire and barbeques, and appliances in poor repair and unattended cooking in the kitchen.

  • Tabernacle Fire provo-tabernacle-fire On the morning of Friday, December 17, 2010, Provo Firefighters, B Platoon were completing the last few hours of their tour when a radio transmission was received from Dispatch that there was a fire at the Provo Tabernacle. The fire started in the attic and burned for a period of time, exceeding the capacity of the Provo Fire & Rescue Firefighters to effect an immediate extinguishment. The Provo Tabernacle was an irreplaceable community treasure, but is currently being rebuilt as the Provo City Temple.

  • Prevention through Education CPR-training Our primary responsibility is the mitigation of emergency calls. However, prevention is a close second. We are actively engaged in public education through the community. We welcome tours to the stations. Boy Scouts are assisted in earning merit badges and we teach community CPR classes. Our best means of mitigation is through education.

  • Training Building Training-Building-V1.1_HDR2_8x12_NL Our Office of Professional Development was created to take the skills of our personnel to a higher level. Our firefighter/paramedics are highly trained in many aspects of the fire service to include: emergency medical response, fire response, hazardous materials response, airport firefighting (ARFF), trench rescue, confined space rescue, structural collapse, extrication, and many others.

FireFire & Rescue
Serving our Community Since 1890
Provo Fire & Rescue has provided fire protection and emergency response since 1890, and today is a modern, professional, all-hazards response organization. 

Provo Fire & Rescue provides a variety of emergency and non-emergency services, including fire, paramedic transport, hazardous materials, rescue, fire prevention services, and public education. 

The men and women of Provo Fire & Rescue are highly-trained professionals and are proud to serve the citizens of this great City. Our mission is to provide professional quality service with dedication and pride.  Chief James Miguel


Our Mission

"To Provide Professional Quality Service with Dedication and Pride."

Fire truckOur Services Provo Fire & Rescue serves the citizens of Provo and visitors to our city out of six fire stations strategically located throughout the city. We are an Advanced Life Support (ALS) agency, with nearly all of our personnel being certified to the paramedic level. Each station houses an engine or truck and an ALS ambulance. We are a very progressive department in the field of emergency medical response (EMS). An example is our partnership with the local hospitals in a ST Segment Elevation Myocardial Infarction (STEMI) program. We are able to identify critical cardiac patients with 12-lead EKG capabilities on all our ambulances. We constantly strive to provide our paramedics with the newest technologies and the best training available to ensure quality medical service is delivered to our citizens. 

SRT TruckSpecial Response Team (SRT) Provo Fire & Rescue participates in a countywide Special Response Team (SRT). This team specializes in hazardous materials, trench rescue, structural collapse, and heavy extrication. We have certified technicians in all of the disciplines. We have also just staffed a swift water rescue team; our goal is to have all members trained to the technician level by the start of next spring. We also have members serving on the mountain rescue team. This team is a joint venture with the police department.

airport AIRPORT RESCUE & FIRE FIGHTING (ARFF) Provo City has a major freeway passing through it, two rail lines and rail yard, a major river, a large lake, and a municipal airport. Provo is also considered a great place for hiking and rock climbing. The mountains on the east side of the valley are a playground for outdoor enthusiasts. All of these present special challenges to the department. All of our members are ARFF certified. This helps us mitigate any emergencies with the airport. While the commitment to the airport has not been an easy one, Provo Fire & Rescue understands the potential growth the airport could bring to the community and is committed to doing our part to ensure success.

Firemen with childrenPrevention & Education Provo Fire & Rescue's primary responsibility is the mitigation of emergency calls. However, prevention is a close second. We are actively engaged in public education throughout the community. We welcome tours to stations. These tours consist of pre-school children to adult learners. We help Boy Scouts earn their merit badges and teach community Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) classes. Our best means of mitigation is through education. Provo Fire & Rescue is currently working towards expanding our presence in the community by implementing the Fire Wise community program. Educating and protecting our citizens is very important to us and we strive to "provide quality service with dedication and pride". After all, the citizens and visitors of Provo City deserve nothing less.