Community Outreach

Provo Fire & Rescue offers tours of its stations, apparatus, and equipment to Provo City residents and businesses. Two weeks advanced notice is encouraged and the tours are scheduled for Mondays and Fridays between the hours of 3:00PM to 6:00PM. The average tour lasts approximately 30 minutes. Book a tour or class.
Tours consist of viewing equipment and vehicles at the station, as well as basic fire safety instructions. If called in advance, special arrangements for large groups, disabled individuals, and schools may be arranged.  Provo Fire & Rescue has a "Learn Not To Burn" Trailer which is used as a tool to teach the youth steps to take in case of a fire in the home. Please note that this trailer may not be available for every tour.

When there is an emergency call right before or during any tour or class, the firefighters and/or paramedics will have to leave the tour. The tour will be rescheduled for a later time. 

Provo Fire & Rescue is involved in the community outreach programs. We participate in school safety fairs, job fairs, and special recognition events to further educational awareness in safety and community safety initiatives. Our Life Safety Trailer is available for large community events and fairs. We also offer Community CPR, AED, and First Aid Classes to help educate the public and healthcare providers in the event of an emergency.

Provo Fire & Rescue actively educates children and parents in fire protection, fire dynamics, and fire safety through our Youth Fire Setter program. The program is designed for non-fire setters and fire setters alike from youth to teenage years. This program may be initiated by walk-ins, call-ins, court appointed, probation officer or parole officers, bishops, schools, and even counselors. This program is very effective.

It is necessary that parents and referrals know that this is not a program that will place their child in a “category” and will not be a black mark on their record, rather the purpose of this program is to educate and assist in keeping children safe when exposed to fire.