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Building inspectionPlanning

The Fire Marshal’s Office assists in development by sitting on the Coordinators Review Committee (CRC) with other departments within the city. The CRC attempts to identify and resolve code issues in the earliest stages of a project. To schedule an appointment with the Fire Marshal please call (801) 852-6333.

Fire aftermath Plan Review

The Fire Marshal’s Office reviews all fire protection system plans. The plan review must be completed prior to issuance of an installation permit. Please allow 3 weeks for a plan review to be completed. Currently we require an electronic copy that you can provide via CD or e-mail to

kitchen fire aftermath Permits

The Fire Marshal’s Office issues both installation and operational permits. Permits are not issued until the plan review is completed and all other appropriate documentation is in place. No inspections, acceptance tests, or Certificates of Occupancy will be scheduled until all permits are in place. Installation or operation of a permitted activity, without a permit may result in double fees.

fire behind window Acceptance Testing

The Fire Marshal’s Office must accept all fire protection systems. To schedule an acceptance test have your installation permit number ready and call (801) 852-6344.