• Special Response Vent-21_HDR2_8x12_NL Provo Fire & Rescue has 19 members on the Special Response Team (SRT). SRT is trained to respond to the following types of calls: Hazardous Materials, Extrication, High Angle Rescue, Confined Space Rescue, Trench Collapse Rescue, and Structural Collapse Rescue.

  • Mountain Rescue helicopter-in-mt Provo Search and Rescue Team is committed to using all resources at our disposal to locate and rescue lost and missing persons, injured hikers, and rock climbers in the Rock Canyon and Slate Canyon areas of Provo City. The team is comprised of Police and Firefighter/Paramedics dedicated in education and training for the safest outcome in an emergency.

  • Wildland mt-on-fire Provo Fire & Rescue is trained in wildland firefighting, tactics, and engine operations. We are working to reduce the threat of urban/interface fires in our response areas through public education and developing a "Fire Wise" community.


Our primary role is to provide for Emergency Medical Services, Fire and Injury Prevention, Fire Suppression, Hazardous Materials Response, Special Operations including various Technical Rescue Operations, and Public Education along with other duties to protect and render aid.

Our firefighters are highly trained and skilled technicians. Department members hold certifications from the State of Utah as Paramedics, Apparatus Driver Operators, Fire Instructors, Fire Officers, Fire Inspectors, Emergency Medical Technicians, Hazardous Material Technicians, and several additional areas of expertise.

The operations side of Provo Fire & Rescue concerns itself with maintaining an advanced state of readiness at all times. This includes training, safety, apparatus, buildings, pre-fire planning, public education, and physical fitness.

We work constantly within the City, County, and State to plan for and provide support for all types of hazards and disasters.  From our Fire Prevention Bureau, which includes the Fire Marshal and Deputy Fire Marshal right on through to the crews that are spread throughout the City, we take our responsibility seriously. 

We train, evaluate, and train some more in order to serve the citizens of Provo. We work with property owners and developers to ensure that old and new buildings are maintained and brought up to the current codes.

Our responses are quick and our people knowledgeable when it comes to fighting fires.  A basic fire (one room) will bring a "First Alarm".  Every city is different, but a First Alarm in Provo will bring 1 Engine, 1 Ladder Truck, 2 Paramedic Rescues, our Squad 21 (has special equipment such as lighting and power) and a Battalion Chief to guide the resources.  These resources arrive between 3 and 5 minutes in 90% of the City.  Other resources are ordered as needed and may come from mutual aid agreements or automatic aid agreements from other cities.  We respond to calls throughout the City as well as BYU campus, Provo Canyon, Utah Lake, and I-15.