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Criminal Investigation Division

Fraud packets and reporting

Criminal History

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Credit Card Fraud

Identity Theft


BarneyCriminal Investigation Unit
Lt. Jerid Barney

Criminal Investigations
Sgt. Chris Chambers

Highly trained detectives are responsible for investigating crimes against persons, property crimes, financial crimes, deaths, and other incidents requiring expert investigations. They are also responsible for collecting and analyzing crime scene evidence.

Special Victims Unit
Sgt. Tim Laursen

SVU Detectives investigate sex-related crimes, domestic violence, child deaths, child abuse and any other crimes which are sensitive in nature. Their goal is to resolve these investigations through partnerships with local, state, and community agencies. Their focus is on victim needs, criminal prosecution, and reduction of such crimes.


Ferre, Leigh Victim Services Leigh Ferre

Victim Services provide crisis intervention , emotional and judicial support, and critical service referral for victims and their children. They also work hard to promote community awareness of domestic violence issues. Victim assistance is typically offered for the following types of crimes/incidents:

- Domestic Violence
- Stalking
- Crimes against Children
- Aggravated Assault
- Homicide/Attempted Homicide
- Suicide/Attempted Suicide
- Sudden Infant Death Syndrome
- Major fires (as requested)
- Robbery
- Rape/Sexual Assault

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