Operational Support Services

Operational Support Services

Lt OttieOperational Support Division (OSD)Lt. Joseph Otte

OSD Is made up of many areas that support the operations of the Police Department:  Dispatch Center, Office of Professional Standards and Training, Records Section, Special Events, Property Room and Quartermaster, Budget, Payroll, and Purchasing. There are only a few sworn officers in the division. The rest of the division consists of civilian employees.
Office of Professional Standards and Training
The Office of Professional Standards and Training is dedicated to fostering a culture of integrity among Provo Police Department staff by educating employees and promoting and ensuring ethical behavior. The goal of OPST is to ensure the integrity of the department is maintained through a system of internal discipline where objectivity, fairness, and justice are assured by an intensive, impartial investigation and review process. OPST will verify that complaints are thoroughly investigated in the fairest possible way, with the goal always being to discover the truth of the matter at issue.

If you are considering filing a commendation or complaint, please use these forms:
Commendation Form Here »
Complaint Form Here »

The Utah County Attorney's Office investigates all officer-Involved shootings.  Their investigative protocol is as follows:
Officer-Involved Shooting Protocol Here »
Dispatch Communications CenterProvo City Communication Center operates 24 hours per day, 365 days a week and is staffed with 24 full-time dispatchers. The communication center answers 911 and non-emergency phone lines and dispatches for Police, Fire, Medical, Animal Control, Parking Cadets, and after hours for other city departments.

To better help us, help you when calling for assistance, we would like to offer some tips on how to report a crime:
• Most importantly STAY CALM. Help CAN be sent while you are answering questions.
• Give the location. If possible provide the full address of where the problem is occurring, include apartment number or suite numbers if you know them. If you don't know the address, provide an intersection or a landmark.
• If you are reporting a crime in progress, emphasize that point with the call taker. Answer the call taker's questions, and stay on the line until the call has been terminated.
• Inform the call taker if you DO NOT want your name and address given to the units responding. If you DO want to speak to the officer, please inform the call taker of your request.
• When providing information about an incident, be as descriptive as possible. You may be asked to give identifying information about any person(s) or automobile(s) involved in the situation. The more information provided means the more information Dispatchers will be able to relay to the responding units.

Records staff Records The Records Division is often the first contact that the public has with the Police Department. Records specialists assist citizens by answering general inquiries, having officers respond to the front counter, providing necessary paperwork and records via GRAMA requests, conducting criminal history clearances upon request, acting as notary, and working within our electronic reporting system. Contact us at 801-852-6232.
Marathon Special EventsFrom community-based events to marathons, Provo City is proud to host hundreds of events every year, including runs, walks, triathlons, farmer’s markets, festivals and parades. Our office of Special Events provides permitting assistance for events that occur within Provo City. Contact Shilo Harris 801-852-6371
Evidence locker Evidence/Property All evidence related to crimes is held in the evidence room to ensure the chain of custody and integrity of the evidence is maintained. The staff ensures the property/evidence is properly marked, packaged and stored. When the case is closed the evidence is either legally disposed of or returned to the owner.

The Property Room can be reached at (801) 852-6246. Property is released Tuesdays and Thursdays 12PM to 4PM.

Notice of Unclaimed Property:
The Provo City Police Department has either found or seized the following property: bikes, identification, backpacks/purses/wallets, clothing, cell phones, vehicles parts and accessories, cameras, DVDs/CDs, jewelry, keys, weapons, electronics, skateboards, scooters, cash, and miscellaneous property. If you have lost property and can describe the property in detail, please call the Property Division at 801-852-6246, Monday through Thursday, 8am to 4pm.