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Special Operations


clean-neighborhoodSpecial Operations Division

This division is comprised of five proactive specialty teams that focus on drug offenses, school resource and education, street crimes, neighborhood quality of life issues, and fugitive apprehension.



Sorensen, Sam Community Resource Officers
Sgt. Sam Sorensen

One sergeant and three officers are dedicated to each district within the City, with a focus on creating partnerships within our immediate community. Together with these partners, Community Resource Officers are able to address quality of life issues, drug houses, on-going neighborhood problems, nuisance abatement, business licensing concerns, beer licensing checks, and crime hot-spots. This unit is also responsible for administrating the VIPS (Volunteers in Police Service) program. 

Use the attached maps to identify the officer assigned to your neighborhood.  

Orgill, Jon Sgt. School Resource Officers Sgt. Jon Orgill

Each of the Provo School District high schools and middle schools has a full time SRO assigned to it. The SRO investigates juveniles making threats, drug offenses, gang enforcement, and all juvenile or criminal offenses occurring in or involving Provo schools. Their goal is to keep schools safe and allow schools to sustain the educational process with minimal interference and disruptions.

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Marijuana Special Enforcement Team
The Special Enforcement team is dedicated to targeting local crime hotspots and individuals based on data and trends provided by the crime analyst and others. They investigate drug crimes, thefts, gang crimes, organized crime rings, various street crimes, as well as augment the Utah County Major Crimes Taskforce. 

Major Crimes Major Crimes Task Force (MCTF)

The Utah County Major Crimes Task Force is comprised of fourteen state, local and federal law enforcement agencies. MCTF is directly responsible for major drug investigations and primarily focuses on dismantling drug trafficking organizations. The Task Force is federally funded and has been very successful in making major drug seizures and criminal arrests throughout the western United States.

Fugitive Apprehension Fugitive Apprehension
This multi-jurisdictional unit works in conjunction with the United States Marshals Service. They partner with federal, state and local police agencies aimed at arresting violent offenders, gang members and sex offenders with outstanding warrants.


The mission of the Provo City Police Department Explorer Post 1974 is to provide a strong Community Based Policing program for the youth of Provo City and Utah County. This is to be accomplished by providing youth the opportunity to interact with Provo Police Officers, to participate in law enforcement training, leadership training, personal fitness, community service along with social and outdoor recreational activities. Learn more