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When are you hiring lateral transfers?

Lateral hires are open enrollment positions and applications are accepted year-round. Apply at

How much experience do I need to be considered a “lateral hire”?

Applicants must have a year of experience as a law enforcement officer and be in current good standing. Applicants who have been out of a law enforcement officer position for more than eighteen months are not considered lateral transfers but may still apply for police employment.

What is the hiring process?

  • Physical fitness test
  • Chief’s interview and conditional offer of employment
  • Polygraph screening
  • Basic physical and medical exam
  • Background investigation

I’m an officer in another state. Can I apply under the lateral hire program?

Yes, but you must also complete the Utah P.O.S.T. waiver exam. Find details about the exam at

I have been out of law enforcement for more than eighteen months. May I apply under the lateral hire program?

Law enforcement officers who have been inactive for more than eighteen months and less than four years may take the Utah P.O.S.T. reactivation exam and apply for lateral hire.  Find details about the exam at

What are the physical fitness requirements?

  • Vertical jump – 17.5 inches
  • Sit ups – 29 in one minute
  • Pushups – 21 untimed, no rest
  • 1.5 mile run – 14:46

Will I have to pass a background check?

Yes. Lateral hires undergo standard police background checks.

How does patrol scheduling work at Provo PD?

Patrol officers work a 4/10 schedule and bid for shift assignments by seniority (Provo hire date).

What other training does the department offer?

All officers regardless of rank participate in quarterly training produced by our Office of Professional Standards and Training (OPST). Training topics include; critical thinking, (VIRTRA) defensive tactics, emergency vehicle operations, first aid, legal updates, firearms, CIT and more.

How does the in-house training work for lateral hires?

All Provo officers complete the same in-house and field training programs.

How soon will I be eligible for assignment to special units and teams?

All Officers are generally expected to serve in the Patrol Division for two years before being considered eligible for assignment to other units of the department or special teams.

What are the pay/benefits like?

Provo offers very competitive initial pay and a progressive career series pay scale designed to keep officers competitive at every level of career experience. Provo City offers a variety of employee benefits including family medical and dental insurance, and a variety of other coverages and benefits. Contact Human Resources for more information about benefits. Here is a sample of pay scales:

  • 1st yr - $21.89/hr
  • After 2nd year. Advancement to Police Officer II
    • 2nd yr - $24.15/hr
    • 3rd yr - $24.75/hr
    • 4th yr - $25.37/hr
  • After 5th year. Advancement to Senior Police Officer
    • 5th yr - $27.99/hr
    • 6th yr - $28.69/hr
    • 7th yr - $29.40/hr
    • 8th yr - $30.14/hr
    • 9th yr - $
  • After 10 years. Advancement to Master Officer
    • 10th yr - $34.06/hr
    • 11th yr - $34.91/hr

When are you hiring?

Applications are accepted year-round. After quarterly testing, candidates are ranked on eligibility for two years. Apply today and we will notify you of our next test date.

What are the prerequisites?

  • 21 years of age at time of testing 
  • High school diploma (GED)
  • Driver’s license
  • US Citizenship or in active process of becoming a citizen.

Does the Provo Police Department sponsor applicants at the Police Academy?

Provo City will hire certified candidates and will sponsor non-certified candidates through the Utah POST Academy upon hire.

What are the educational requirements?

Applicants are required to have a high school diploma or GED.

What if I have a criminal history?

By Utah law, a felony conviction will disqualify you from being accepted into any law enforcement training academy or from being employed in a sworn police officer position. Other criminal involvement may also be disqualifying. For more information, visit

What is the testing procedure?

Initial testing includes:

  • Physical fitness test
  • A written exam (Utah NPOST) 
  • Oral board interview
  • These tests produce an eligibility list of qualified candidates

What is the process for candidates who pass initial testing?

  • Chief’s interview and conditional offer of employment
  • Psychological screening
  • Polygraph screening
  • Basic physical and medical exam
  • Background investigation
  • Candidates remain on the list for two (2) years
    • A candidate may remove their name from the list and resubmit
    • No individual will be allowed to test more often than once a year

What are the physical fitness requirements?

  • Vertical jump - 17.5 inches
  • Sit ups - 29 in one minute
  • Pushups - 21 untimed, no rest
  • 1.5 mile run - 14:46 time limit

When will I get a conditional offer?

A conditional offer of employment may be given following successful completion of police officer testing and interviews.

Will I undergo a background check or other criteria?

The Police Department conducts an extensive background check on every applicant after a conditional offer of employment is made. Background checks involve a review of criminal history, moral character, physical and mental health concerns, and other qualifications. Candidates will be required to complete a polygraph test, psychological evaluation, and basic physical exam. For more information, visit

What happens after the hiring process is complete?

The Provo Police Department hires applicants who are certified by Utah Police Officer Standards and Training (POST), and we may sponsor non-certified candidates through the Utah POST Academy upon hire. After Academy certification officers complete extensive in-house and field training programs. 

What is the Provo career series program?

  • Police Officer 1 – Beginning officers
  • Police Officer 2 – Two years of law enforcement experience.
  • Senior Police Officer  - Three years of experience as an Officer 2 (five years total)
  • Master Officer – Ten years of experience as a Provo Police Officer.

Each grade has several pay steps and training requirements for advancement.

What are the pay/benefits like?

Police officers begin at $21.35/hour on a progressive career series pay scale, with regular pay advancements. Contact Human Resources for additional information regarding benefits.

How do I start my application?

Apply at Look for the Police Officer listing in the list of jobs. Click to apply online, create an account, and submit an application online. If you have questions about your application status, call Human Resources at (801) 852-6198.
Sgt Sorensen with kids Reserve Officer Positions

Reserve Officers are utilized to supplement patrol officers when there is a need for higher staffing levels during special events, fill staffing gaps due to officer training,  emergencies, or any other time increased staffing is needed.  All reserve officers are Utah POST LEO certified and currently work for other agencies as law enforcement officers on a full-time basis.

To apply for a Reserve Officer position, contact Lt. Barney.

Swat Dispatch and Civilian Positions Civilian positions include dispatching, evidence technicians, and administration assistance. We provide support wherever needed for our police department.

Provo Police Dispatch:

As Public Safety Dispatchers for the City of Provo, our staff of 24 men and women are the first of the first responders. We answered over 175,000 calls in the last year, providing 24-hour coverage for Police, Fire, Ambulance, Animal Control, Parking and after hours City services to the citizens of Provo.

Our dispatchers are certified with POST, APCO, and NAEMD. Those are a lot of impressive acronyms that mean that whenever you call 911 in Provo you are speaking with highly trained, compassionate dispatchers who are dedicated to saving lives, protecting property, and assisting the public in their time of need. 

As the first link in the chain of Public Safety, we are here when you need us. If you are interested in becoming a dispatcher here are the steps that could start you in your career as a Public Safety Communications Professional:
• Complete an online application here. The position is an open file. When we have an opening, candidates meeting minimum qualifications will be contacted to begin the testing process.
• Complete an entrance exam, interview and background check.
• If selected, undergo in-house and off-site training.

After successful completion of all phases and a probationary period, you will become a certified public safety telecommunicator.

VIPS Volunteers in Police Service (VIPS) Our department supports the national VIPS program, and we enjoy working with volunteers at our department. Some areas you may consider helping us with include: patrol support (uniformed mobile patrol in a marked police volunteer vehicle), Explorer Post (ages 14-21), Internships (limited), Mobile Watch (similar to the Neighborhood Watch program), Victim Services (limited), and Citizens Academy.

To apply for a volunteer position, complete this form and return to the front counter of the police station. You can also mail the form back to us at:

Provo Police Departments - VIPS
PO Box 1849
Provo, UT  84603