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Police Services

Criminal History Criminal History Check A valid form of government issued photo identification is required.

Individuals may obtain Utah State criminal histories through our office. The fee is $10.00.

Individuals may obtain a police clearance letter for the fee of $8.00. This reflects criminal histories only involving Provo Police. 

GRAMA Request Police Report Request (GRAMA)Under the Government Records Access Management Act (GRAMA), people are able tor request copies of police reports. Please see this law for any questions you may have.  Generally, copies of police reports are not able to be released until after they have been adjudicated, or processed through court. If you are the defendant on a case that is not adjudicated and are currently not represented by an attorney in the matter, you can obtain a copy through Discovery at the Prosecuting Attorney’s Office. If you are represented by an attorney, your attorney will need to request the report. If you are listed as a victim of domestic violence on the report you are seeking, the case will be provided to you immediately, at no charge. If you are trying to get the report on behalf of another individual, you must have a signed and notarized Third Party Release Form.

The law provides 10 working days for us to process your request (5 days if you can show that you must have an expedited response). When you make a request, you will be required to fill out a GRAMA Request Form. If a copy of the recording of the dispatch call is also requested, please also fill out a Dispatch Recording Request Form. Please also provide the following information:
  • Photo Identification
  • Date(s) of Incident(s) Requested
  • Description of record(s) and reason for request (be specific, listing all documents needed)
  • Case Number (if available)

Please make sure you are as specific as possible as to what information you are requesting
and why you need this. You may request more than one record on the form. The GRAMA
request form may be turned into the Records Division personally or you may fax in this
request. The fax number for Records is (801) 377-7315. Please also include a legible copy of
your identification with the form.


The fees associated with the release of records are $15.00 per report (or $15.00 per research hour on records that are extensive) $20.00 for copies of Dispatch tapes, and $25.00 per recording for dash-cam and body-cam video. The fees are due at the time the record(s) are requested.


Traffic accident Traffic Accident Report Requests You must have either been involved in the accident or be the insurance company representing one of those involved to obtain a copy. You will need to provide identification, date of accident, other driver (if known), and traffic accident number (if insurance company requesting). The fees are $10.00 for traffic accident report and $5.00 per page for digital photos ($25.00 if standard photos).

Online Purchases:
You may also purchase a copy of your traffic accident report at Once there you will need to know your last name, date of accident, and the traffic accident report number You will be charged a $10.00 fee for the traffic accident report and a $5.00 convenience fee If photos are available, you will be charged an additional $5.00 for these if requested You will then be able to download a .pdf copy of your accident report. 

Fingerprint Fingerprint Services

Fingerprinting is available through our customer service department from 8:00AM to 6:00PM on Mondays through Fridays. 

Fingerprints and photos for the Driving Privilege Cards are not done by Provo Police Department. You will need to contact the Bureau of Criminal Identification, 3888 W 5400 S, Salt Lake City, UT 84129, (801) 965 4445. Please see the Driver License Division's website for more information and instructions.


Bike Licenses Bike Registration

Did you know that all bicycles that are used in Provo must be licensed? Help us prevent the theft of bicycles in our community by registering and licensing your bicycle with City of Provo.

Bicycle licenses are valid through the life of the bike with the same owner. To register a bicycle, please bring it to the Provo Police Department so that the serial number can be verified. The bicycle will have a stamped manufacturer's serial number on the frame (usually on underside of the bike frame). If this number has been obliterated or does not exist, the Provo Police have a metal stamp kit and can stamp a number on the bike. 

There is no fee for a Bicycle License.

Bicycle License Form »

Notary Notary Services Notary services are available 7AM to 6PM, Monday through Thursday.  Please bring current government issued photo identification and paperwork needed notarized.

Event Services Request Event Security This must be completed at least 10 days prior to event.

Event Security Request form

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Victim Services Victim Services Victim Services provide crisis intervention , emotional and judicial support, and critical service referral for victims and their children. They also work hard to promote community awareness of domestic violence issues.

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Elderly man At Risk & Special Needs Registration At times, our officers come into contact with people of all ages who are lost. Most of the time, getting them back home is fairly simple. Other times, we encounter people who are disoriented or have a condition that prevents them from remembering their name, personal information, addresses, and names of relatives or other information that would be helpful in returning them home. Alzheimer’s, autism or autism spectrum disorder (ASD), or a wide variety of other medical or mental conditions, may cause this disorientation.

Circumstances such as these make it difficult for officers to help the person quickly, but more importantly, it creates an additional burden on the person and on the family or caregivers who may not know what is occurring or where they are.

The Provo Police Department has developed a registration program for people with special needs who may be prone to wander or become disoriented. This program is limited to those individuals who cannot, or have a limited ability to, communicate with emergency responders.

As part of the program, we receive and store photographs, emergency contact information, and other personal information for special needs citizens. This information is made readily available to Provo Police Department Officers. It is stored and accessed in such a manner that first responders may make faster identifications, reunite family members quicker, and get those persons the help they need faster.

Participation in this program is purely voluntary. The information collected is kept secure and is only used by Provo Police Department employees to assist those persons in need of our help. The information collected under this program is CONFIDENTIAL and will need to be updated yearly for children and as needed for adults.

If you would like to participate in the Provo Police Special Needs Assistance Registration Program, simply complete the Special Needs Assistance Registration Form, attach a photo (photos must be resized to 640 x 480 if sent electronically), fill out the necessary information and return it to Dispatch at the Provo Police Department or email it. 

Helping the elderly Special Needs Information Sheet The Special Needs Information Sheet may be completed for Provo City residents who have been identified by a medical professional or emergency responder as having a mental or intellectual disability that makes them at risk for becoming lost or wandering off. This information will be kept strictly confidential and will only be used in emergency situations to assist in locating relatives/guardians for a special needs person.

Please e-mail this form and a picture.  Updated pictures and forms may be sent to this same e-mail at any time. Information may also be mailed into our office or brought in person.