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The Provo City Ombudsman can help you resolve problems with issues related to services provided by the City of Provo. An ombudsman is a liaison or mediator between citizens and government agencies. The ombudsman is a neutral party that will aid citizens of Provo in resolving conflicts and seeking solutions to issues by fact-finding, investigating, and problem solving.  The ombudsman is your advocate in dealing with City government.

  • The ombudsman receives complaints or concerns from individuals or groups either by phone, by mail or in person.  The ombudsman will then investigate the details of the complaint and possibly refer the complaint to the appropriate City department for resolution. All complaints may not be resolved due to economic constraints or other possible mitigating circumstances. 
  • The ombudsman does not provide legal advice or services.
  • The Provo City ombudsman is a resource for concerns dealing with Provo City government. Civil or private contracts or agreements are not within the jurisdiction of Provo City government, and as such, must be resolved by civil means.
  • The ombudsman will receive complaints related to any City Department. City Departments include: Administration, Administrative Services (Finance, Human Resources, Information Services, Justice Court), Community Development (Building Inspection,  Planning  & Zoning),  Economic Development, Energy, Engineering, Fire, Legal, Parks, Police, Public Works, Redevelopment, Sanitation, Streets, Storm Water, and Water Resources.
  • Some common types of complaints for the ombudsman are general nuisance complains, including weeds, junk, abandoned vehicles, potholes, animals at large, street lighting, damaged sidewalks, odor problems, and many others.
  • The ombudsman's service is provided at no cost to the residents of Provo or other citizens who are concerned with issues in Provo.
  • The ombudsman receives all applications for Reasonable Accommodations to the Provo City Code. These forms can be found on the website in the Ombudsman Forms folder on the bottom right of this page. For questions about submitting a request for a Reasonable Accommodation, please contact the Ombudsman.