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Become a Police Officer

Officer saluting Department Overview The Provo Police Department is a large, diverse police force. Currently the department is staffed with approximately 100 uniformed, sworn officers. About half of these officers are assigned to our proactive patrol division. The Patrol Division stays busy addressing over 100,000 calls for service each year! The Provo Police Department is assigned a large, metropolitan area consisting of 114,801 residents (2010 census), 44.14 square miles, 315 linear miles of streets and is the seat of Utah County, containing over 530,000 residents.



Benefits and Pay

New-hire officers receive a competitive wage and will participate in the Utah Retirement System. The Department may consider lateral transfer of officers, who would be paid according to prior experience. Provo City Police officers immediately receive health, dental, and life insurance for themselves and their families. Provo City is currently part of the Aetna Insurance group with a wide range of family and specialty physicians to choose from. Other benefits  include 401K matching, sick leave, 10 paid holidays, and additional vacation time.

The Department operates a car-per-officer policy, enabling each officer to be provided with a vehicle to take home, and also for 24 hour use within the city. The majority of our vehicles are Chargers, but we also have Ford Interceptors and Chevrolet Impalas. Each supervisor is given a Chevrolet Tahoe. Each vehicle is equipped with a wide variety of specialized policing equipment including: laptop computer, printer, camera equipment, radar and Lidar, LED pursuit lights, and more!

officers New Officer Training Program

Each new officer for Provo City is required to attend a 30 day in-house academy, which consists of classroom time and hands-on experience. The officer is then exposed to a rigorous and intensive Field Training Officer program for four weeks of graveyard shift, four weeks of swing shift, and four weeks of day shift. Following this FTO program, each officer will complete a further six month probationary period to further orient the officer to state/departmental policy and procedure.

Officers in a line Equipment

Our officers are provided, at no cost:

High quality, dark blue uniforms
511 style jackets and coats
High standard bullet resistant vest
Shotgun or AR rifle
Exceptional equipment for our wide variety of
specialized and tactical teams
Duty holster with firearm, Taser, handcuffs,
compact radio, Asp Baton, and LED flashlight just
to name a few!

rescue officer Recreation

Provo City is centrally located within the state of Utah and offers a wide variety of recreational activities. Residents are spoiled by the vast amount of activities for themselves and their families! Utah Lake and Utah Lake State Park are located within the city limits and offer boating, fishing, swimming, and camping.

The world famous Sundance Ski Resort and Film Festival are within 20 short minutes of downtown Provo. Sundance Ski Resort rewards our officers with discounted yearly and daily ski passes.

The Provo River runs through our great city and is world renowned for fly fishing and rafting. Provo City is extremely family friendly offering quality education, fine and casual dining, night life options, and a safe, friendly environment to reside in. Provo City is constantly evolving and improving each and every day!

Also located within City limits is the Provo Municipal Airport, which provides air travel to Mesa, Arizona and Los Angeles, California. 


Police training To Apply: Visit our HR Page »

Our HR is located at:
Provo City Center
351 W Center St
Provo, UT  84601
policeman-in-riot-gearMinimum Fitness Requirements The standard fitness exam includes, a Vertical Jump which must be 17.5” or above; a one minute sit up test (29 minimum); a 300 meter sprint which must be completed in 64 seconds or less; 21 minimum push-ups with no resting, and a 1.5 mile run which must be completed in 14:46 or less.  

Full List of Tests and Requirements>>