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Dr. Dusty Richardson, a neurosurgeon at Billings Clinic, has developed a 3D
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Provo is nationally recognized as one of the best places to start a business and raise a family. The Provo Police Department is a destination department where you can build your police career. Whether you are new to law enforcement, or you already have a career, Provo is the place to serve. We offer a full array of opportunities to police professionals who want serve where they feel appreciated and supported. If quality of life and professional opportunity are important to you, we want to talk to you.

-Chief Ferguson

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 Do you have feedback for Provo City Police Department or one of our officers? We're here to listen to the community we serve and welcome your comments

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Online Reporting System

This system allows you to submit a report immediately and print a copy of the police report FREE!
You may use the Online Reporting System to report the following incident types:

  • Trespassing
  • Vandalism
  • Theft
  • Lost property
  • Identity theft
  • Damaged property
  • Telephone/electronic communication harassment
  • Credit card fraud
  • A hit and run
  • Found property.

CLICK HERE or call dispatch at (801)852-6210

Crime map

Crime Reporting Map

We track crime data in your neighborhood. use this crime map to see what is happening where you are and get involved.

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Our Mission

The Provo Police Department is full of dedicated men and women who strive for excellence and professionalism. We embrace the community based policing philosophy. Our mission statement is our guiding principle:

We work with citizens to improve quality of life, solve problems, safeguard liberties and stop crime. We provide proactive police service in a professional and compassionate manner.

Frequently asked questions about Provo Police policies and procedures

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 Police Policies

Use of Portable Audio Video Recorders Policy

The Provo City Police Department may provide officers or other department employees with access to portable recorders, either audio or video or both, for use during the performance of their duties. The use of recorders is intended to enhance the mission of the Department by accurately capturing contacts between officers of the Department and the public. 
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Off Duty Police Action Policy

The general posture of the Provo Police Department will be that an off-duty officer should intervene in situations where failure to do so, in the officer's opinion, will likely result in death, injury or substantial property damage.
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Officer Involved Critical Incidents Protocol

The Utah County Attorney's Office investigates all officer-Involved shootings.  Their investigative protocol is as follows
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Use of Force

This policy provides guidelines on the reasonable use of force. While there is no way to specify the exact amount or type of reasonable force to be applied in any situation, every member of this department is expected to use these guidelines to make such decisions in a professional, impartial and reasonable manner.
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