Seasonal Crime Prevention Tips

Package Theft Prevention

Tips to prevent package theft

  • Require a signature
  • Sign up for tracking alerts
  • Click and collect
  • Coordinate with your neighbors
  • Request a mail hold when you are out of town
  • Have packages delivered to your workplace
  • Schedule deliveries for times you will be home

If your package is stolen, first contact the Post Office or the shipping carrier to confirm your package was delivered. Also, file a report here or call Dispatch at 

Vehicle Theft Prevention

A few tips to prevent you vehicle from being stolen

  • Don't ever leave your car running unattended
  • Don't leave a spare key inside of your unlocked vehicle
  • Keep an eye out for your neighbors

    If you see something suspicious, say something!

9 P.M. Routine

Follow the #9PMRoutine

  • Take valuables out of your car
  • Lock your car
  • Lock the trunk on your car
  • Lock your home to include all windows and doors
  • Turn your porch light on

If you see something suspicious, say something!