main hallEmployment Opportunities The Covey Center is owned and operated by Provo City. All hiring goes through the Provo City Human Resource Department.

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The Provo Covey Center for the Arts is a public facility intended for the use of residents of Provo City, Provo City Staff, as well as residents of surrounding cities.  The Covey Center is intended to be a welcoming and safe place for individuals to congregate and socialize.  Participants of the Covey Center are expected to conduct themselves in a manner that most people would find reasonable and that does not infringe on the enjoyment of other participants.  While an exhaustive list of inappropriate activities is impractical, the following outlines the basic principles of appropriate Covey Center use.

Participants agree to observe the following when attending the Provo Covey Center for the Arts:

  • Smoking and vaping is not permitted in the Covey Center at any time.
  • Alcohol is not permitted in the Covey Center at any time.
  • Offensive language is not permitted in the Covey Center.
  • The Covey Center structure, grounds, furnishings and fixtures must be treated with care and respect at all times.
  • Performers must enter through the “Performer’s Entrance.”
  • The Art Galleries are FREE to all, however, for attendance in the performance halls, participants must obtain the required tickets for the event at hand.
  • Commercial activities, including, but not limited to, requesting donations, teaching private instruction, collecting admissions, selling of products, or solicit individuals for agencies, personal services, or businesses is prohibited unless authorized by venue management.
  • State and local policies, laws and regulations must be observed at all times.

    Participants are expected to:

  • Be able to function on their own or with the assistance of an escort, but independent from Provo City Staff or Covey Center             volunteers.
  • Maintain personal hygiene that is healthy and non-offensive.
  • Use voice, language and behavior that will not offend or disturb other participants or staff.
  • Treat others with courtesy and consideration.
  • Get permission for any photography or videography, personal, commercial, or otherwise, from staff prior to their filming.
  • Observe all state and local laws, policies, ordinances, and regulations.
  • Comply with any direction from Provo Covey Center staff, and follow any other rules that they deem necessary and appropriate to provide patrons a safe and welcoming environment.
  • Comply with Provo Covey Center employees in accordance with the rules and regulations outlined above as well as any other direction staff deem necessary to maintain the safety and enjoyment of all patrons.Failure to comply with staff requests, directions, or instructions will result in loss of privileges, including removal from the building and criminal trespassing.

Questions regarding the patron code of conduct can be directed to the Provo Covey Center General Manager.