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The Covey Center houses three Art Galleries: the Eccles and Secured Galleries on the main level, and one on the upper level. Galleries are open Monday through Friday, 10 am to 6 pm, and are free to the public. For questions or inquiries, contact Ellora Lattin, Gallery Coordinator, at (801) 852-7012 or

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November 1 - December 23

The Covey Center for the Arts invites interested artists to submit artwork of all mediums to sell in the Upper Gallery during the holiday season! The sale begins on November 1st, coinciding with the Downtown Provo Arts Stroll, and ends on December 21st.

SLOTS ARE ALL FULL! We look forward to seeing even more applicants next year!



Allison Hallam
November 1 - December 6

Allison Janeann Hallam was born and raised in Utah. She graduated from Brigham Young University (BYU), where she received a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree (BFA) and teaching licensure. She intends to further her education by applying to graduate school to receives a Master of Fine Arts degree (MFA). Allison works primarily with 2D mediums. However, she believes in using whatever medium that will better enable and further her ideas to make artistic work.

"Developing work through various materials and processes, I create work that investigates collecting, cataloging, and the paths that are created when we participate in gathering objects. I try to illustrate different forms of cataloguing, utilizing shapes to represent gathered objects. These shapes exemplify the maintenance and struggle to retain a sense of control in a world of abundance. In an effort to organize, document, and/or gather objects, cataloging becomes a system of identifying objects to better manage and simplify complex clutter into clear and functional space."



Kristy Lender
October 30 - December 21

"I have always loved telling stories through my art, and decided to turn that love into a career. I graduated with a BFA in Illustration from Utah Valley University in 2015. My favorite part of showing my work is being able to see or hear how happy it makes people. Bringing smiles and happiness to people's days, even if for only a minute, is why I love to create.

kristy3"My art tends to change as what I value most in my life changes. I have become completely enamored by traveling, having adventures, and experiencing life for what it has to offer. My most recent works reflect those things as they are about adventure and exploring the world. I mainly work digitally, but have started embracing a new medium: Paper! It's a bit of a challenge and learning process as I work on each piece of paper art. New problems come up and I have to think differently to problem solve them and get the finished piece to look the way I envisioned it. But the challenge is fun and I'm only excited to work with the medium more! I love hearing feedback on my work so if you have any questions or comments feel free to reach out and send me a message at or to (Instagram)."


Winter Art Sale
November 1 -December 21


November 14 - November 27:

Autumn Jensen, Sandy Whitby, Beki Tobiasson & Gavin Gifford

"Pain, loss, heartache, betrayal, anger, and frustration are just some of the things that each of us have or will have to deal with in our lives. My art expresses the darkest deepest parts and the highest brightest points of life with vivid emotion and provides hope that carries through adversity because of the emotion I invest in my work. My drawings are more abrupt and darker because drawing is a quicker, more impulsive medium in which the immediate reaction to pain or trauma, like our immediate coping mechanisms, are abrupt and often incorrect, incomplete, and hard to deal with. Whereas, my paintings, because they take more time, show the progression, the hope, and the healing that comes gradually over time; the improved perspective of taking the long view. It also gives me time to meditate and create resolution and closure. Oil paints provide me with a chance to look at the bigger picture in life beyond my own little bubble. My hope is that, in some way, you can connect with my images. That perhaps my art will stir in you something that you cannot voice, but that you can feel."





Born and raised in Provo, Utah, Sandy does not remember a time when she was not painting or drawing. "Art has always been a part of my life, I always knew that was what I wanted to do." After attending BYU and studying drawing, painting and design, she enjoyed a successful career in the commercial art field in Boston and Los Angeles. After returning to Provo to raise a family, a burning desire to return to her lifelong passion for painting led Sandy to study with well known artists through workshops and classes. Her creative spirit has been a determining factor in her life. Striving to capture that inexplicable "magic" in the subject matter that she paints is a fascinating and compelling force in her artwork. Sandy has traveled extensively around the world visiting museums for inspiration and to acquire and expand her knowledge.

She is currently the President of Utah Valley Artist Guild, an organization that encourages artists and gives them opportunities to exhibit. Her prize winning art can be found in collections in Pennsylvania, Colorado, California, Arizona, as well as private collections and galleries in Utah. She has exhibited at Alpine Art Center, Anderson Gallery at Academy Square Library, Utah County Gallery, Fairview Museum, Coleman Studios, Terra Nova Gallery, Utah State Fair, the prestigious "Utah Image" exhibit in Salt Lake City, Freedom Festival at the Covey Center, Logan Fine Art Invitational, Utah Valley University Library Exhibit, Logan Fine Art 'Salon d'Autumne', and the Spiritual Invitational at the Springville Museum.






Beki Tobiasson

Encaustic on canvas









gavin gifford



Gavin Gifford

Marker on paper