Art Gallery


The Covey Center houses three Art Galleries: the Eccles and Secured Galleries on the main level, and one on the upper level. Galleries are open Monday through Friday, 10 am to 6 pm, and are free to the public. For questions or inquiries, contact Ellora Lattin, Gallery Coordinator, at (801) 852-7012 or

Sarah Stewart and Charles Gilliam will be holding receptions this Friday June 7th from 6-9PM in conjunction with Downtown Provo's Art Stroll. Come enjoy their work and meet the artists!


Sarah Stewart
April 30 - July 1

Sarah is a mixed media artist and poet who enjoys exploring various mediums and being in nature. She is mostly self taught in the arts, but has formally studied French, Landscape Architecture, and Nursing and has teaching certifications in Art and Biology. To Sarah, her meandering path has enriched her perspective and eventually culminated in the desire to pursue a Masters in Fine Arts and  Doctorate in Art Therapy. Sarah's goal for her artistic magnum opus is to depict scriptural scenes in bas relief and oil. Sarah is a mom of three and soon to be married to the love of her life! It may sound trite to some, but her best piece of advice to anyone chasing their dreams is to trust in God's timing and never, ever, ever give up!

Instagram @sarahstewart.arts & @sarahstewartarts


Charles Gilliam
June 4 - July 29

 Recently moved from Texas, Charles Gilliam is an illustrator and story-teller with a Bachelor of Visual Arts from Georgia State University. He began to utilize colored pencil as his main medium in 2010 and has found it to be an exciting medium that allows him to execute his subjects in a way that catches the imagination.

"As for my subject, I have always been drawn towards the cowboy. Growing up in the fifties, I was always watching the westerns on TV. I loved their way of looking at the world. They were honest and true to the Code of the West. They were strong in their devotion to the land that they worked whether it be on the open range or in the corral. They respected the land. Sure, there were bad guys, but that only added to the image of strong, righteous men and women who understood their place in the sun. I continue to look for those characters who, to me, epitomize the West and its best."


Marcela Olsen
May 1 - June 8

Marcela Olsen is a Utah-based photographer recently graduated in Spring of 2019 from Utah Valley University with a Bachelor's degree in Art and Visual Communications with an emphasis in photography and Minors in Digital Media and Spanish. She was born in Argentina and has lived in Provo for the past 18 years.

"By experience, I've learned that there is a strong connection between surroundings and individuals, present and past, inner feelings and spirituality. Because of our human nature we have the ability and, somehow, necessity to believe in something bigger than us.

Spiritual frames of the mind is a combination of ordinary places, symbols and colors that trigger personal memories by association. It's up to the viewer's perception to connect the images with either positive or negative feelings. It's my intention to leave that in their hands to reaffirm my conviction that we are all equal and each of us has the freedom to connect with any chosen frame."