Mountain Biking

downhill bikingArchie's Loop Trail Archie's Loop Trail, a 2.2 mile stretch of mountain biking/hiking trail, recently opened up totally new country. The intermediate-level trail runs from Scott's Pond loop to connect with the Boneyard loop about 1/2 mile from the base. Panoramas from this trail are unsurpassed. From a single vantage point, you have a clear view of Mt. Timpanogos, Provo Peak, Cascade Peak, Provo Canyon, North Fork Canyon, Deer Creek Reservoir, and the Heber valley.

Downhill bicycle rideSquaw Peak Downhill A favorite short ride to fill the small gaps between epics, perfect for a quick before work ride. Trail starts off with a steep decent on slate rock, then transitions to dirt. There are several routes down the mountain. However, this is the route I normally take. Head down the steep slate trail, meet up with the larger main train. Head down that trail until you come to a side track that drops down to the left. Head through the whoop-de-do filled shoot, then follow the trail to the left and across the glen.

Downhill bicycle rideSouth Fork of the Provo Is a fun, short, scenic singletrack ride. It is an ideal trail to introduce a new mountain biker to the joys of singletrack! The trail has one or two rocky spots, and one small hill climb. It is an out and back, with a short loop at the end. The more advanced rider can continue on up the trail past Big Spring

bike crossing riverBD's Loop Located right off the Provo River, BD's Loop provides an extensive diversity of terrain. Ranging from steep rocky slopes, to muddy, root lined trails BD's Loop is a technically challenging route that can be ridden over and over with very little repeat of experience. A definite must ride for any level of experience.

front handle barsProvo Bench The trail is pretty fun for all those who want a quick ride at any time. You could leave your house and be back in 45mins if you wanted to. The trail can end at Y mountain trail head. Or you can keep going, but be sure to start at the upper parking lot or else you will head back into provo on pavement. If you continue, you will be on dirt road for a mile and get on to single track till you get to rock canyon park. This trail was rated intermediate because it has some tough climbs that will put you on your lowest gear.

long trailProvo Canyon Race Track Mostly singletrack with lots of ups and downs. A little sketchy is some places due to a mostly dirt/gravel mix for the terrain. During the summer they have local races here and quite a few people turn out. The good thing is that there is the marked race course and then there is quite a few other trails that take off into all sorts of places. Good for a quick ride or a some long hill climbs and downhill bombing runs.

biking rock canyonRock Canyon Very nice ride, not for beginners, but everyone else can enjoy it. No serious steeps. Nice long steady-grade downhill ride. I bomb it with my stiff tail with no worries. It gets shaky over long patches of gravel to melon-sized rocks. I sometimes break away from the trail and mob through tall grasses and meadows. There are several bridges and shallow streams to fly through. Plenty of tall trees provide shade and mossy areas. After 4 or 5 stream crossings, look out for hikers. The path widens and is gravely.

family bike rideProvo River Parkway Family fun riding, weaves its way through state, city and county parks, as well as residential and commercial areas following the Provo River, then along University Avenue to the mouth of Provo Canyon. Its 15-mile length stretches from Utah Lake State Park to Vivian Park in Provo Canyon. At its northern end, the trail passes the base of Bridal Veil Falls for a spectacular view.