Fishing in Provo

The Provo area provides great fishing venues which include lake and stream angling for various species of fish.

Just 10 minutes or so from downtown Provo you can find yourself in Provo Canyon where one of America’s top trout streams flows. The canyon is one of Utah’s (and America’s) most scenic and beautiful places to enjoy a variety of activities. The Provo River which flows through this canyon is a medium sized river which supports mainly brown trout averaging 15-17 inches. The river is mostly clear running with a tinge of green. The river has great habitat for brown trout spawning and growth so it never needs to be stocked. The river also has some rainbow and cutthroat trout.

This river is fun and exciting to fish because of its varied structure; deep pools, long runs and fast ripples. The river in the canyon is fly and artificial lures only fishing and a slot limit. Be sure and check current regulations before fishing this beautiful stream. The river also flows through town which affords good fishing as well. This river is a ‘Tail-water’ fishery; meaning is flows from the bottom of Deer Creek Dam. It is sometimes challenging so if you are a novice fly fisher it would be beneficial to book a guide for your first time on this part of the river. But once you hook into one of its beautiful trout hang on; it’s rodeo time! This river is just simply great fun.

Deer Creek dam provides a large water impoundment called Deer Creek Reservoir and provides fishing for Brown, Rainbow, Cutthroat trout as well as bass from the shore or boat. This lake is very popular for boating and sailing. It provides a relaxing and pleasant way to catch fish.

The Provo River’s end journey is to flow into Utah Lake. This lake is large but shallow and is generally considered a warm water fishery. It is a popular fishing spot for catfish and white bass as well as other ‘rough’ species of fish. People enjoy fishing this lake from shore or by boat.

The fishing in the Provo area is great with a lot of variety in water and species. It would benefit the angler to give any one of the area’s places a try. Enjoy!
Catching fish at sunset