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Learn to Skate

The Peaks Ice Arena Learn to Skate Basic Skills program is designed to encourage skaters of all ages and abilities through a progressive, goal-oriented curriculum.

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Snowplow Sam 1-4  $70/session
Basic 1-6; Adult 1-6  $75/session
Hockey 1-4  $80/session

Specialty Classes


Level Ages  Description 
Snowplow Sam 1-4  2-5  A fun and safe environment designed for pre-school aged children with no previous experience.
Basic 1-6  6-15  A progressive curriculum that introduces the fundamentals of forward and backward skating, stops, crossovers and turns.
Adult 1-6  16+  Introduces the fundamentals of skating and balance on the ice. 
Hockey 1-4  3-15  (Snowplow 1-3 prerequisite) Teaches the fundamentals of hockey skating by focusing on agility and balance. Skaters are encouraged to wear hockey skates and a helmet. 
    Included in the registration fee is a Learn to skate usa membership, which includes:  
- Participation in group lessons associated with US Figure Skating (Learn to Skate)
- Ability to compete in any approved Basic Skills competition
- Basic Skills record book to track progression

 Session schedule Dates      
Current:  Spring 1  Being re adjusted due to COVID-19
 Spring 2  TBD
 Summer  TBD

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