Indoor Turf

Since 2002, two indoor turf soccer fields have been installed to provide an excellent, year-round training facility for a variety of sports. For rental information, please contact Stephanie Siswick at (801) 852-6759.


Name  Dimensions  Fall/Winter Rate  Summer Rate 
Large Turf  60 yd x 27 yd  $100/hr  $60/hr 
Small Turf  30 yd x 17 yd  $50/hr  $35/hr 
Fall/Winter:  september 1 - April 30  Summer: May 1 - august 31

 *Rates differ for league/tournament play. 

 *For rentals scheduled after 9:00 pm, payment must be made in full at the time of reservation. 


Large Turf

Peaks_016   Peaks_017 

Small Turf

Peaks_014   Peaks_015